10 Health Benefits of Sabudana

Sabudana Vadas-साबूदाना वड़ा

Are you on Navratri fast and wants something that can give you instant energy? We always look for what can help us to lose weight but are you a person who looking for something that can help you to gain weight? Then sabudana is rich with all these benefits and this article give you best 10 health benefits of sabudana.

What is Sabudana?

Sabudana is a starch extracted from the spongy center, or pith, of various tropical palm stems. It is a staple food for the lowland peoples of New Guinea and the Moluccas, where it is called saksak, Rabia, and sagu.

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10 Health Benefits of Sabudana

  • Supports Weight Gain

If you want to put on weight, tapioca pearls are the right food as they contain good amount of carbohydrates and calories. Around 100 grams of sabudana contains 88.69 grams of carbohydrates and 358 calories. Eating more calories than what your body needs will make you gain weight. As sabudana is a starch food, you will gain weight easily.

  • Provides Energy

One of the reason why sabudana is a must- have food during Navratri is it provides body with the energy. Usually people break their fast with sabudana khichdi or pudding to give their body instant energy. Also, sago porridge is effectively known to treat excess bile as it provides a cooling effect to reduce the body’s heat while you are on fast.

  • Aids in Muscle Growth

If you are vegetarian, sabudana is a great source of protein which is required for growth of muscles, repairs damaged cells and tissues and also help in cell growth. Apart from muscle growth, this energetic food also let you gain physical strength. Also, if you want to build muscles sabudana can be great food to have as a pre and post workout snack.

  •  Strengthen Bones

There are limited mineral content in tapioca pearls, they have calcium, magnesium and iron. All these minerals help in the creation of bones tissues which strengthen bone mineral density, prevents arthritis and osteoporosis. You can even try a bowl of sabudana khichdi daily to maintain bone health and improve bone flexibility.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

It contains significant amount of potassium which is known to keep your blood pressure under control. This mineral acts as a vasodilator which works by relaxing the tension in blood vessels, as a result, blood pressure is lowered and there is less strain in the heart.

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  • Improves Digestion

Tapioca is known to prevent stomach- related problems like gas, bloating, indigestion, and constipation. It contains a good amount of fiber, proteins, fat, and carbohydrates which increases your metabolism and help you maintain good digestive health. Dietary fiber can speed up the digestive process and rebalance the healthy gut bacteria.

  • Promotes Heart Health

It contains zero cholesterol which is actually as you don’t need to worry about high cholesterol. An increase in cholesterol causes the build- up of plaque in the arteries which is known as atherosclerosis. This condition could lead to further heart attack, stroke, and angina. So, you can keep your heart healthy by consuming sabudana.

  • Fight Birth Defects

The presence of folate and vitamin B6 in sabudana aid in the proper development of fetus and prevent the occurrence of neural tube defects in infants. This can have a serious effect on the newborn. Folate is an essential nutrient required for pregnant women in the first few months’ pregnancy.

  • Non- allergic in Nature

It is free of glutens, nuts and grains so people who are sensitive to gluten, having celiac disease and nut allergies will not have a problem consuming this food. You can use this tapioca flour instead of refined white flour as the latter contains gluten.

  • Promotes Gut Health

It is a good- source of resistant starch, a type of starch that passes through the digestive tract without getting digested. As the resistant starch reaches the colon it feeds the healthy gut bacteria, thus keeping your gut healthy. 

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  1. Health Benefits of Sabudana
  2. Supports Weight Gain
  3. Provides Energy
  4. Aids in Muscle Growth
  5. Strengthen Bones
  6. Lowers Blood Pressure
  7. Improves Digestion
  8. Promotes Heart Health
  9. Fight Birth Defects
  10. Non- allergic in Nature
  11. Promotes Gut Health


Sabudana is good source of protein, which helps with muscle building, healing and strengthening. So vegetarians, turn to sabudana for your daily protein intake.