Student success is one of the major concerns of educational institutions. In India, there is an enormous emphasis on studies. Parents expect high grades from their children. But some are able to get those high scores and some lag behind. There are numerous studies conducted by psychologists and educators around student success. These studies have mainly been around the reasons behind the success of a select few and what do they do differently. It is clear that most of the highly successful students use different strategies here are 10 Study Strategies for Student Success.

The basic study tip that everyone gives is note-taking, highlighting, setting a goal, managing time, re-reading, etc. These are not the only useful tips. It is super important to find out your own personal style of studying. The one that fits you best. This article is written to help you out in getting some ideas so that you can work them out and assess for yourself.

Studying well is crucial for academic achievements. Having a study habit or a routine will culminate into shaping an individual’s destiny. Academic success helps in creating a good career and pushes one up in the economic ladder. With that being said, it does not mean that those who are average and poor in studies will be unable to achieve something in life. Everybody has their own dreams and passions that they want to follow and a lot of people achieve great success despite being bad in school. This article is solely targeting those students who are inclined towards academia but because of some reasons are not able to improve or enjoy their learning process. These strategies will help in drawing inspiration so that you can create effective study strategies for yourself and emerge as a bright student.

Here are some of the top study habits or study strategies used by top students:
1) They set a study plan-

Planning prior to taking action can save up an ample amount of time. That is why most of the great students always set goals and create a plan before sitting down to actually study. You can create this plan before the start of your semester by reading your syllabus and writing down the contents and the time frame in which you will be completing them. Or you can make a new plan every day before studying a particular topic or subject. Not only is it important to carve out a plan but it is equally vital to stick to it. Most of the good students are self-aware and know what they are doing and how they are going to do it just because they have a systematic plan.

2) They are not easily distracted

Successful students do not sit with their mobile phones, TV, music on while they are reading. Undoubtedly, the more distractions you have the less likely you are to maintain focus on the text that you are reading or a problem that you are solving. Therefore, keep your phone in a different room than your study room. Making a study plan also keeps you away from distraction as you tend to push yourself towards a set goal with complete seriousness and focus not their study strategies.

3) They have a purposeful approach towards textbooks-

Effective students do not just run through texts aimlessly. Rather they keep a mindset of getting something out of what they are reading. This helps them understand the concept better and remember it for a longer time. Hence, it enhances their overall knowledge. Unsuccessful students do not follow an organized approach. Therefore, they tend to waste their time reading the whole text, again and again, to end up with nothing meaningful.

4) They are active learners

Active learning is the best form of learning. It is challenging and interesting. Active learning is when you participate in different activities to understand the concepts while getting immediate feedback. It involves interacting with the learning process. While passive learning is just going through the study material without understanding its real-life application. Successful students actively participate in group discussions, debates, research, ask questions, peer- review, highlight, annotate while studying. They get on the field and try to put the information that they have received into use and get feedbacks also. This way they understand their weak points and work on them. On the other hand, passive learning (reading, re-writing, re-highlighting, and so on) is useless as it doesn’t help you assess yourself.

5) They do not rote-memorize-

Rote-memorizing something is the worst thing a student can do. It does not only debar you from critically analyzing the information but also ceases your intellectual growth. You can memorize facts but it is impossible for you to memorize concepts. Concepts can only be understood. Effective students do not only have high GPAs or percentages, they are smart in general. That is because they have a clear understanding of the concepts that are being taught to them. This can also be judged by how well do they explain or teach the concept to others. Understanding the concept thoroughly not only requires note-taking, highlighting, outlining, etc. It also includes applying analogies, metaphors, comparisons, and asking questions.

 6) They are motivated and interested

The fact that good academic achievement is credited to sheer hard-work and goal-setting cannot be challenged on any ground, whatsoever. Creative study strategies and habits are a result of a student’s interest in the subject which he is learning. Mostly, successful students are intrinsically motivated to go to school or college, attend classes, take notes, ask questions, and solve practice tests. On the contrary, academically unsuccessful students have a tough time being attentive in classes and grasping concepts because they show extrinsic interest merely because of parental pressure. Thus, it is important to know what interests you the most, and then you’ll be more likely to succeed.

7) They self-reflect and take responsibility-

Psychologists attribute student success to a metacognitive approach towards studies. A high number of top students are self-critiques. They take responsibility for their actions and improve their weak points. Therefore, they emerge as winners every-time. Self-reflection keeps a lot of chaos and confusion out and in turn, reduces stress.

8) They do not study in their bedroom-

If you sit in a comfy and cozy place with the aim of acing math problems, you’ll end up with nothing but laziness. You will find yourself either daydreaming or slowly dozing off. For this reason, it is highly important to find yourself a separate study table or room where there is less stuff around to distract you.

9) They complete their tasks first and reward themselves later-

Just because successful students make a plan before studying, they take their studies seriously and utilize their time efficiently. After completing the task, they reward themselves with something that they generally like doing. It can be going out with friends, watching a movie, or taking a nap. But unlike most students, they do it later, which is after accomplishing their goal according to the set-plan. That is why they stand out the most.

10) They are not hard on themselves-

It is important to take breaks while studying. Breaks can be of 5 to 10 minutes between studying. You can spend it doing anything that you like. Getting good sleep helps you retain information for a long time too. Additionally, having a good diet with nutrient-rich food can do wonders for the development of your brain. Also, a little bit of exercise every day is not a bad idea. Taking care of your mental health is as crucial for your well-being as being physically fit. Therefore, reach out to people you trust for help may it be academic or personal. Without a healthy mind and body, it is impossible to be successful in school and college. This is what successful students do. They have a strong mind that can cope with all of the academic pressure.


In conclusion, having well-organized study strategies helps in student success. The less successful students lack self-knowledge and a strong mindset. However, creating a routine for yourself, and sticking to it can improve it. Just do not degrade yourself rather uplift yourself with positive self-talk. You will surely be climbing up the academic ladder.

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