With the fast pacing world, we all have made our lives so goal directed that we often forget about what life is truly meant to be. We live our life to impress others and not to express ourselves. A writer for example, should be portraying his/her inner thoughts, yet they get so caught up, that they often forget about the originality of their thoughts and start to produce content that will be highly appreciated. This is what we all do, forget to enjoy the journey of our life. We keep focusing on competing with others, which is not the best strategy for improvement, in our lives, we should compete the most with our own selves. People can often be really successful in terms of money and career, but they can be so doubtful about their emotional identity. While we chase success, we should not forget to balance our lives.

In the midst of a goal directed behaviour, people often neglect to enjoy and to be happy. We focus on an indefinite future so much, that are present is totally sacrificed in the process. Many times, families and friends are totally ignored as we are so busy in investing in our success that we dismiss the idea of individual growth. Growth is overall development, socially, physically and emotionally. There is no benefit of having a lot of money if it cannot keep you happy. Materialism can only be affective till a certain time period, as after a while, it tends to make you feel like a failure. It leaves you feeling alone. The reason for many people’s sadness in today’s world is the materialism. We have the time to buy our kids the latest technology, because yes, you have the money, but if you do not have absolutely any time to be spent on parenting, then the child may grow up with materialism as a value. The competition in the world has made it so tough for us to actually spend time with our parents. We are so invested in being at a certain standard that the reality is totally overlooked. It is commonly observed, that friendships break apart, but this clearly happens because people start to lack in their efforts, which eventually creates tensions.

We should progress but with a mind of enjoying our current lives, we should value the people around us and learn how to be thankful for each and everything that exists, for if we do not do that our life will be a regret for us and for others as well. Our lives our interconnected , let us keep ourselves and others happy for life is very short and needs to be enjoyed .

  • Sakshi Gupta