Japan! A fascinating country. From facility of vending machines holding garments and shoes, to E-TAF automatic doors which open changing according to the body shape. So, the Japanese integrate technology into their daily lives.

The source of Japan’s technological progression is undeniably from the youth. Statistically among 34 OECD countries, Japanese students’ performance rank second in maths and first in science. Japan spends about 3.59% of its GDP on education. Also only 0.93% of females aged 15-19 have no education. Their education system includes 9 years of compulsory education and students start school at the age of 7.

Few of the coolest things which look like it came straight from the future. Japan is a technologically advanced country. Visiting this country itself seems like taking a time machine to the future!

1. Shoe Shaped Trains in Japan

Sector: Transportation and Footwear

Possibly the other way around! In Japan, trains and shoes are so closely linked that they share design features. Nonetheless a “huge step” forward in design and public transportation.

Trains in Japan resemble a shoe. How interesting !

If one loves trains and eccentric footwear design, they’ll love living in Japan.

2. Toilets of Japan

Sector: Hygiene and public amenities

So Sci-Fi one might forget why they sat down!

Japan used high technology bathroom wares

People might already know of this, but Japanese toilets are well-known for its abundance of lights and features. Also these toilets contain features like heating the seat; checking blood pressure, weight or urine or cleaning the bowl total spotless.

Also known as a country with a strong awareness for hygiene. Custom to wash hands and gargle everyday are particularly widespread. However carried out keenly by a wide range of people in the country, from children to grown-ups. Placid and comfortable with warm water toilet seat bidets.

So toilets in Japan are undoubedtly one area that many people praise after visiting Japan.

3. Food in Japan customised to order

Sector: Food

People seem fed up of bland food grown as nature intended. Well in Japan one will be able to have their food customized to order. Decorating natural foods, which one would admire rather than eating it. Futuristic-shaped fruits like pentagon orange, square watermelon and more. Also a watermelon with a Bulbasaur or even Hello Kitty on it!

4. Miniaturized fast food restaurants in Japan

Sector: Food

As technology grows, there seems to be a trend towards miniaturization of parts and appliances. Following this trend forward, everything can be shrunk to as small as possible.

Miniature of world famous Mc Donald’s

In Japan, even the fast food restaurants got miniaturized!

5. Vending machines everywhere in Japan

Sector: Food Vending/Machines

From food to underwear to basically buying anything! One can get it from a vending machine in the streets of Japan. Most restaurants, will come whole with some kind of vending machine for quick takeaways.

Umbrella vending machine, good looking and very convenient.

6. Lock up umbrellas like a bike

Sector: Food Vending/Machines

Japanese seem to be very fond of vending machines and umbrellas. Giving protection at all times, the bike-lock umbrella stands.

7. Japanese hotels with pods

Sector: Hospitality

As population increase and space becomes premium, the clear solution is to pack as many people into 1 place as possible. Japan & their capsule hotels proves it right. The guest houses offer everything one needs, minus the view and lavish space.

Japanese hotels can accommodate more people in less space. They are space friendly.

8. Hotels in Japan are run by robots

Sector: Hospitality and robotics

Japanese love their hotels and robots. Some even combined these 2 passions of the nation by having a robotic front of house.

9. Bra- ‘Smart and Secure’

Sector: Lingerie

Not only will the bra know what the woman feel, but will open only if the woman likes the opener!

10. Manhole covers the works of art

Sector: Public utilities

The manholes, not just functional but works of beautiful art. While attention to detail for a mundane, yet vital item is impressive.

11. French fries is black

Sector: Food

Black coloured French fries! Not burnt to a crisp, but black in color by design.

12. Food adverts match the product received

Sector: Food

Nothing more disappointing than the feeling one gets when receiving food order based on the promised image. Be it any other form of food item we often feel cheated. Well in Japan what you see and order, is what you receive. They even provide 3D models!

13. Tasty hospital food of Japan

Sector: Health and Medicine

Falling sick is bad enough but to put up with the hospital food! In Japan, one might get tempted to fake their illness to enjoy restaurant rank cuisine.

14. The bullet train run in Japan

Sector: Public transportation

Japan’s Shinkansen Express, the Bullet Train. It has been around for a long time and still one of the most advanced public transport round the world. Very fast, looks cool and gives a smooth and stable ride.

15. Fashion from a different age

Sector: Fashion

One specific area in Tokyo, called the Akihabara district, noteworthy for their fascinating dress sense. Common to find people dressed in retro sci-fi outfits and other garments one wouldn’t have thought of.

16. Arcades a multi-storey buildings of Japan

Sector: Gaming

Very obsessed with computer games, more than just a hobby for the people. But a major part of the culture. However, this gets enhanced in the gaming arcades. So as that can be an excess of ten story high buildings packed to the gun-holes with arcade games.

17. Automated car parking

Sector: Automotive

To park the car, one just take it to one of the many automated car parking services. It doesn’t end there. Most of these, stack cars on top of one another, to save space. Most restaurants, hotels and buildings have it as standard.

18. Advanced biomimetic technology

Sector: All industries

Industrial products, such as luxury cars, food packaging and even high-performance films, take advantage of biomimetic technology. This uses astonishing constructions and functions of living organisms.

19. Cultivation technologies of Japan

Sector: Agriculture

Thus, new agricultural technologies has been developed in Japan. Which allows crops to nurture even in environments that are unfriendly to plants. Such as cold, arid regions and areas where soil is polluted.

20. See calories by “invisible rays”

Sector: Food/ health

An automatic calories measuring machine which uses near infrared rays. Also Japan has developed measuring devices that can promptly detect the calories in the food consumed daily.

21. Japan’s monitoring services

Sector: Hospitality

For the peace of mind for senior citizens who live alone. Declining birth rate and an aging population, a serious problem in developed countries. And no exception for Japan. Hence, to react positively to this problem, they created the monitoring services.

22. Cloned cultural properties

Sector: Art

Masterpieces and famous paintings one can touch! The technology that allows to recover cultural assets lost in natural disasters. To directly touch such cultural property. Earlier stored under strict circumstances for its value.

23. Underground secrets

Sector: Automobile/ Agriculture

No need to worry about a parking space for bicycle. Cause in Japan, there’s a thing as underground bicycle parking. Also despite lack of space and being a metropolitan area, Tokyo found an answer to agriculture. Nevertheless brought the rice field underground.

24. Smart mirror

Sector: Beauty

The smart mirror by Novera. It interacts with the users to make them feel pretty.

25. High-tech cemetery

Sector: Life

Saving space yet not compromising on the memory of those who have passed on. However, Japan presented a lovely high-tech cemetery.

26. Gravity-defying bridge

Sector: Infra-structure

The superficial gravity-defying bridge, a real bridge in Japan. However, it looks like a roller coaster, hiking up to the sky or going down a steep slope.


One might already be aware that Japan offers astonishing things. Those that makes us think the future is here. Like the pod hotels and the bullet train. But it doesn’t stop there. They keep innovating and startling the world with more and more. Many would now want to visit this futuristic country. Well I do!

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