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Hello folks, M Lokesh is here, welcome all of you on shouts.site.

Let me introduce about shouts platform. Shouts.site platform is purposefully implemented by Samagra Foundation to spread the education, knowledge and to raise the fund. At Samagra Foundation, we are  social enthusiastic and passionate about social entrepreneurship. 

We are attempting to assemble a platform for the individuals who need to share their experiences and what they gained for a fact. And furthermore for the individuals who are trying to discovering themselves through writing. You have that power with your words you can change the world. You can get it going by connecting with everybody over the world.

As I told you I’m a socially dynamic, so I do have amazing and some shocking encounters. I have heard and learned in a considerable measure of things during this journey which I needed to share. At that point, I thought of sharing this via social media however the issue is utilizing social media only for chit chatting these days. We don’t encounter or reach the genuine audience who is actually interested in this type of niche. I thought of starting my own blogging website. After some time something came into my mind that everybody has their encounters, inspiring stories which they might want to share. Yet everybody doesn’t  really start blogging website. so me and my brother decided to start shouts.site for everybody who needs to share their encounters. We might be late to start this blog but anyways, we must have to start from a certain point and hopefully you are love this blog to read, follow. Also, you all share your interesting stories on this blog. As we motivated by several means of blogging sites, you may inspire people’s by sharing your motivating stories enthusiastically. Even if someone has to take any suggestions from our users they can post a question on our site, so that experts can suggest you best suitable options to choose suitable option.

Furthermore, that is the manner by which shouts.site is conceived.

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