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Airport Authority of India is turning to be a privatised concept.



Airport Authority of India is turning to be a privatised concept. The Government of India created the aviation sector in 1994 named as Aviation Sector of India. Privatisation new approach works under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The Government of India is responsible for the creation, up gradation and maintenance management of civil aviation infrastructure in India. In India, there are both government ownership airports as well as privately owned airports based on their requirements. www. airportsathority ofindia.com

How many airports are their in India?


How many airports are in India?

There are about 17 private airports in India and about 126 government airports working in the country. In addition, Civil Enclave Airports are also working and functioning . It is not for normal common passengers to travel. In all there are 449 airports in India located in different parts. We can follow link to https://indiaairports.com/how-many-airports-are-their-in-india/

System of privatisation–

Airport Authority of India is turning to be privatised concept. There will be about 6 to 10 more private airports in India. From an economic point of view, this system is very beneficial. The losses which the airports have suffered for months can have a way of balancing the losses through profit. Now this is the third stage of the Privatisation process as said by the Civil Aviation Sector Secretary Pradeep Singh Kharola. This opportunity will help the non -profit government airports a scope to be profitable.

According to our Finance Minister–

According to our Finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman, the budget of 2021 speaks of national development and Airports authority of India is a privatised concept. Hence this privatisation new approach was on the list hoping to bring important possibilities in the nation within the sector of aviation. It was never said that why and how this sudden decision is to take place and formulate in the upcoming days. Maybe privatization increases the opportunity of employment.

How privatisation helps?

In today’s world employment and being unemployed Especially at the time of this pandemic it is crucial to understand this. People are losing job like huge. Having a job that has become a very next door story. A story perhaps no one wants to hear or frame. Airport Authority of India is turning to be a completely privatised concept in the future this will help people a lot from loosing their jobs so maybe sectors are applying new policy.

Airports have always been an important sector, especially for Indians because it’s a developing country. So there are people who can board business class and also there are people who are ready to have employment in the lowest salary structure working in airports.

In India, there are kinds of people to provide financial support to people as well as luxurious.

Privatisation Optimises–

Airports authority of India is turning to be a privatised concept, optimizes for the wholesome development of every sector. The aviation sector primarily connects all the states, the towns, the metropolitan cities, also international ones. Knowing and understanding its importance and function is important.

Today we can fly higher without any so-called malfunction or unbalanced issues . All because of such a high and dignified method of structure and functioning of the aviation industry.

Today over lakhs of people, work in this sector making it is productive and full of growth and development.

From then to here-

Now, if we recap a bit a few years ago the aviation sector of India was facing a depressing loss. So how did it combat? How did it make a prolific outlook of the whole aviation scenario? So many questions pop up but the answer is simple and that is privatization. When the government sector was losing the battle of profit in the aviation industry . Then the privatization process ignited in the globe of the aviation sector. The aviation sector is an important sector in any business structure or in any economic growth and development structure . Understanding it for the best is our concern for the wholesome development of the consumer.

On the perspective of Indians–

So, We in India understand the business well. We need to be flexible with ethnography, content, and ideas. In India ideas helps us to understand a lot of the department. understanding each and everything is of major importance. Understanding criticizing everything in this sector is of major importance. The development and growth of the most desirable sector. It can be traced back to the 19th century where it structure changed over time. It is the basic understanding of a sector its benefits. For us to know aviation sector is a very new sector. A fresh sector with all the fresh concepts with polished ideas that helps even better in the end. We understand it and so our concept flourishes and becomes fruitful and productive.

Here we the consumers have a huge role to play to understand. As consumers are the ones who built everything up like a colourful block of building boxes

Now let us discuss the different points of understanding for the Indian Aviation Sector to be private —

  • Gives more and more space for employment opportunities
  • increase profit margins.
  • Gives a balance between the aviation government sector and the private sector and creates a balance between the two.
  • having a proper aviation sector which helps in the complete development and growth.
  • Another point is it saves taxpayers money because it maximizes profit.
  • It enchances flexibility.
  • It also improves the service quality of the product 
  • Increases efficiency and innovation.
  • allows policymakers to steer
  • It helps to streamline and downsize government.
  • It improves infrastructure and maintains it.

Thus to understand in a bit detail we need to understand that Privatisation is a process of selling government-made products, industries, organizations to private organizations in exchange for money or share.


The government sector and the private sector’s way of dealing with business are different. Here private sector owns the battle because of the profit motive. In addition, that their monopoly power and ignores social costs. However, if we see the world as a whole we understand that privatization had different effects on different countries. Like, if we take the example of Sweden their unemployment popped out as a bad effect of the privatization sector.

However, in India, it serves as a major economic change. Major step towards its all productivity of understanding the government lucrative sustainable production of resources and wealth. A subject that seriously needs understanding before taking any major decision. Hence, We are lucky here as Indians, where we have a balanced good team who formulates the best for its citizens.

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