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We heard about aliens in many science fiction movies and web series and thought that it was just an imaginary character. In almost every movie, aliens invade earth to destroy the living beings and conquer it. but, they were just for entertainment purpose and the movie team also don’t know about their existence. But there is some evidence for their existence. Many people were saying that they saw a spaceship in the sky and all. It may not be true, people might have confused it with aeroplane or helicopter. On the other hand, it might be true.

Do aliens exist?

There is some evidence that makes us believe that apart from the life forms found on earth, there are other life forms on other planets. Some of this evidence is,

1. Detection of the chemical signature of life on mars by Viking

In 1976, Viking mars landers detected the chemical signatures of life form by experimenting on the soil sample from Mars. The scientists from NASA mixed carbon labelled nutrients with the soil. Then, after some time they found out that the nutrients were metabolized and giving radioactive methane gas. This production of methane gas indicates that something in the soil metabolizing the nutrients. Hence the test was considered to be positive. But the other experiments on that were failed, so NASA announced the outcome was false.

2. Fossils are found in meteorite ALH84001

In 1996, scientists from NASA declared that they found a potato lump shaped fossil on a meteorite from Mars. The meteorite was discovered in Antarctica in 1984. according to the study, the meteorite was blasted out from mars and travelled around the solar system for millions of years before falling into Antarctica. Scientists revealed that they found some organic matters and mineral magnetite. They also found signs of nanobacteria on the microscope.

NASA was failed to give hard evidence because the magnetite found on meteorite can be found in many bacterias on earth. And the 2003 study explained that crystals resembling nanobacteria can be prepared in the lab by chemicals.

3. Radiation proof microbe evolved on mars

In 2002, Russian scientists declared that super hardy Deinococcus radiourans evolved on mars. This bacteria can withstand several doses of radiation, that could kill a human. The Russians zapped the population with radiation, enough to kill 99.9 percent of its population. Then they let the survived bacteria’s repopulate. Then again the repeat the same cycle. After 44 rounds, it took 50 times the initial dose of radiation. They calculated that it would take several thousands of cycle to make a common microbe E. coli as resilient as Deinococcus radiourans.

It takes hundreds of million years to encounter such a dose of radiation on earth. So they claim that it has to be evolved on Mars and came to earth on an asteroid. Since mars don’t have any dense protection from radiation, microbes can absorb a high dose of radiation. It would take only a few thousand years on mars.

4. Sulphur traces found on Europa

The traces of sulphur was found on Europa (Jupiter’s moon) by Galileo probe, and with the evidence found for a volcanically warmed ocean beneath the surface of the ice. In 2003, Italian scientists declared that sulphur was produced by microbial activity. Just like the sulphur found on the ice surface on the lakes of Antarctica formed by bacterial activity.

But some other scientists rejected this idea. They suggested that Jupiter’s another moon, Io is somehow responsible for this sulphur traces. Since sulphur is abundantly available on Io.

5. Mysterious radio signal received from space

In 2003, Astronomers of the SETI project used a massive telescope in Puerto Rico, to reconfirm the 200 parts of the sky which emitted radio signals previously. When they reexamined, they couldn’t find any of them except the one. Which had become stronger. some believed that they tried to contact us.

But we can not say it is aliens, it can be emitted by some unknown natural phenomenon. Also, the data generated could be because of the defect in the telescope itself. This is the best incident of alien contact till now.

Area 51:

conspiracy theorist believe that, at area 51 they store remains of crashed UFO space craft. Area 51 is an air force base located around 150 miles from Los Vegas. They believe that the government has allowed scientists of area 51 to reverse-engineer the highly advanced technology of alien spaceship. Sightings in that area and a testimony by a retired colonel strengthened it. He said that he had access to some of the materials from the spacecraft, crashed in Roswell N.M. some also believe that the government is trying to achieve time travel in area 51, using alien technology.

The air force base near area 51 has developed some advanced weapons. And at the same time government is telling that it had kept area 51 secret for national security purpose. This made people believe strongly, that there is a spacecraft.

Alien as a future friend:

If the alien’s existence found out to be true and they are friendly, we can see a bright future ahead. We can learn their technology and implement it in various things, if their technology is more advanced. Our friendship with aliens can become a bridge between two different worlds. With their tech, we can travel to various planets and galaxy, like in the movie. Scientists were trying to find out the existence of extraterrestrial beings but didn’t get any response. With this advanced alien technology, we can improve the efficiency of searching other extraterrestrial life forms.


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