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Every medium of entertainment has got a commitment towards the society. This field being a mass media, can influence a large number of audience. These are not just for the educated and well to do people. This platform of entertainment is affordable to the weaker sections of society as well. That means the makers of movies should think about the influence it can have on the society as a whole. The educated and matured section of the society can comprehend and are well aware of the difference between reel and real life.  But the young generation is more vulnerable to the wrong and dark sides of life. They tend to hero worship their onscreen heroes whether it be good or bad.


Hoping for a large-scale change from a movie can be a utopian wish. But it can definitely bring about small changes. If a person is a fan of a movie star, they will take something more than just entertainment from the movie.

A recent Malayalam movie called ‘A Great Indian Kitchen showcased the life of a typical housewife. The movie was very satirical in its way of showing the need for feminism. Quite a few of my acquaintances were greatly motivated after watching the movie and even tried to change their mindset regarding the roles of women. In the same way many movies have tried to contribute towards the society in ways it can.


It is not possible to portray only the positives aspects. Every society has got its own realms of positive and negative.  The responsibility of any entertainment platform is to highlight everything through which we go through. There are different genres of movies like thrillers, horror, comedy, scientific fiction, action, family drama, biographical, children’s film etc.  Ultimate aim of any art form and cultural creation is entertainment. But the commitment of a movie towards the society is of prime importance throughout. 

Now we all know that there are two kinds of movies- Mainstream movies and Art movies. Popular movies are mainly for the sake of entertainment, with some exceptions. Sometimes they can even try to portray a social evil or try to encourage people. But most of the times these movies add too much spice in order to bring out a bigger audience. For example the movie- Gunjan Saxena, which was based on true incidents, falsely accused by many people of the wrongs they didn’t commit. The makers had added too much spice in the film in order to make it interesting for the larger audience. Now, not everyone can enjoy art films because of its slow pace which seems rather boring to the audience already accustomed to Popular movies. But they always try to look at things differently, they tend to focus more on aesthetics and trivial things.


A seriously taken movie can have a long-lasting impact on the viewers. Famous movies like Border and Uri: A Surgical Strike based on patriotism could certainly give goose bumps to each Indian and invigorate their love for motherland.   Movies like Tare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots, Lagaan, Chak De, Bhaghban, Pink, Dangal, etc. These successfully handled socially relevant topics by keeping in mind about the mass appeal and entertainment value. Certain movies which depict issues like drug abuse, women harassment, casteism etc., needs to be dealt more maturely and judiciously. If the negative characters in such movies are glorified and given heroic aura, it will certainly leave a wrong impression on the teenage viewers.

Everyone can relate themselves to some plots and characters in movies. Movies entertain, educate and inspire us   in many ways. They can create compassion, courage and awareness. It is for the public to also understand and not get unrealistic emotions and to use their brains to analyze the reality.


The human tendency of hero worshiping, sometimes lead their fans to blindly emulate their onscreen heroes. Some people change their physical appearances to match with their heroes.  Some of them become so fanatic in nature that they fall for these onscreen divas head over heels. They are not bothered to realize that these actors just play all these characters and they have a normal life of their own.  It is the responsibility of each individual to see to it that the moral values on which our civilized societies are built on should not be affected by any of these art forms.   We cannot just run away from the duties and responsibility of a civilized citizen.

Now the recent suicide case of Shri Sushant Singh Rajput left everyone in shock. A young, successful and talented man ended his life while he was on the zenith of his carrier. These are incidents which affect the young fans very badly. Their aspirations and hopes get shattered and they fall into pits of depression. So, the impact of the film industry in a common man’s life is of a huge measure. We cannot just conclude that this visual form of entertainment is just for the sake of fun and amusement. It is powerful enough to influence the society positively and negatively.

The biographical movies which portray the real-life heroes and heroines certainly inspires millions of viewers. They provide motivation and courage to the downtrodden to come out of the social stigmas and prove their mettle. On the other side if a movie glorifies drug addiction, alcohol abuse and hooliganism those who are into all these things will justify their act.


While, movies are generally meant for entertainment for the general public. But it creates larger influence on the minds of people. The movie industry has the power to make a change so it is their duty to use this power positively instead of misusing it for their own advantage. The artistic world should understand the importance and impact of their creations. Therefore, more responsibility and sensibility is expected from the film makers and audiences as well.


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