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Artificial Intelligence For Network Science

Artificial Intelligent | Science Behind Artificial Intelligent | Network Science

Artificial Intelligence
refers to the intelligence of the machines. It is a science based on the
principle that human intelligence can be defined in a way that a machine can
easily mimic it and execute tasks, from the simplest to those that are even
more complex. The technology can be applied to many different sectors and
industries. It is probably the fastest-growing development in the World of
technology and in innovation sector. Furthermore, many experts believe AI could
solve major challenges and crisis situations in a simplest way. AI is
continuously evolving to benefit many different industries. Machines are wired
using a cross-disciplinary approach based in mathematics, computer science,
linguistics, psychology, and more. The technology can be applied to many
different sectors and industries. Networks arise in almost every field and are
rigorously studied through emerging mathematical and statistical techniques.

Networks are everywhere,
from the Internet, to social networks, and the genetic networks that determine
our biological existence.

Network science has
revolutionized medicine, engineering, sociology, and biology and we believe
artificial intelligence is next.

Artificial Inteligent

– google

Types of Artificial Intelligence

First of all, the categorization of Artificial Intelligence
is into two types. The categories are as follows:

Type 1: Reactive machines – These machines can react to the situations. A very famous example can be Deep Blue, the IBM chess program. Most noteworthy, the chess program won against Garry Kasparov, the popular chess legend in all over world. Furthermore, such machines lack in memory. These machines certainly cannot use past experiences to inform the future ones. It analyses all possible alternatives and choose the best one.

Type 2: Limited memory – These AI systems are capable of using past experiences to inform the  future ones. A good example can be self-driving cars and automatic machine. Such cars have the decision making systems. The car makes actions like changing lanes, changing gears. Most noteworthy, these actions come from the observations. There is no permanent storage of these observations in it.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

First of all, AI has a significant use in healthcare.
Companies are trying to develop technologies for the quick diagnosis.
Artificial Intelligence would efficiently operate on patients without a human
supervision. Such technological surgeries are already taking place. Another
excellent healthcare technology is IBM Watson.

Artificial Intelligence in business would effectively save time and effort. There is an application of robotic automation to the human business tasks. Furthermore, Machine learning algorithms help in better serving to customers. Chat bots provide a immediate response and service to customers.

AI can certainly make education more efficient in various
way. AI tutors provide study help to students. Also, AI can automate computing
result  and grading which results in
saving a lot of time.

AI can greatly increase the rate of work in manufacturing
sector. Manufacture of a huge number of products can take place with AI in a
short period of time. Furthermore, the entire production process can take place
without the human intervention. Hence, a lot of time and effort is saved by
help of AI.

Artificial Intelligence has applications in the various
other fields. These fields can be military, law, video games, government,
finance, automotive, audit, art,entertainment, etc. Hence, it’s clear that AI
has a massive amount of different applications.

To sum it up, Artificial Intelligence looks all set to be
the future of  World. Experts believe that
AI would certainly become a part and parcel of human life soon. AI would
completely change the way we view the World. With Artificial Intelligence, the
future seems intriguing and exciting.

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