For decades our society has projected that a certain body type and look as beautiful. And those who do not fit into that mould are often considered unhealthy, plain, or even ugly. One can’t have a standard set of rules for being beautiful. Cause we all come in different shapes and sizes, we all have different skin colours, and facial features. And these things what make us all unique. Can you picture how boring life would be, if we were all alike? So why is the world so struck up on the beauty standards even when knowing that it is ridiculous to measure all people with one set of measurement? The answer to this question remains indefinite or rather people don’t want to answer this question.

The good news is that in recent years the world has become a little more accepting place. And this is in part thanks to the inspiring men and women who are redefining the ideals of beauty and health. These people are proving to the world that one does not have to look a certain way or fit into a particular clothing size to celebrate one’s body. And below are some of these people who answered back to the beauty standards.

Michael Jackson against the beauty standards

We all know the great legend, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson (MJ). One who had won the hearts of many people all around the world. MJ was a star who ruled the entertainment world for forty years beginning as a child artist in 1964 till 2009. Sadly, he had to face criticism about his looks as well. His criticism began in the mid-1980 when his skin tone slowly grew paler from medium brown. Which began the speculation that he bleached his skin.

Reporters and critics soon jumped to the conclusion that he wasn’t proud of the race he was born into and started attacking him. Many called him a disgrace to the black race. Even when his dermatologist told the media the reason for his skin condition being vitiligo, people refused to accept it. Vitiligo, a skin condition in which patches of skin loses their pigments and skin becomes sensitive to sunlight. Hence, MJ was using fair-colored makeup and skin-bleaching prescription creams. Just to hide the irregular blotches of colors caused by the disease. These creams further lightened his skin and the application of make-up made him appear very pale. He was also criticized for being too feminine. And thus nicknamed “Wacko Jacko” which had a racist undertone behind it.

Though numerous allegations came his way, MJ wore his armor and went to make history. He broke out of the stereotype of how a male singer should look like and created his own definitions of beauty.

Freddie Mercury was considered not a beautiful artist

Freddie Mercury, a British singer, song writer and record producer. The lead vocalist of the band, Queen. Mercury, well-known for defying the rules of a rock front man and his high theatric style of performance. He broke various records for his performance. His Live Aid performance in London, 1985 still remains magical. This performance had the greatest live audience of all the time. And Freddie Mercury took charge of the stage in his own style. Enthralling his audience with his performance

Even though he got world-wide famous, he got criticized for various things. Starting with his appearance, dressing style to his sexual orientation. Mercury was someone who bravely wore tights and low plunging V neck shirts with ballet shoes to perform on stage. Mercury had four extra teeth which made his front teeth to overjet. He was conscious about the way it looked as people would always ask him why he didn’t have them fixed. His reply has always remained the same; he didn’t want it to affect his voice.

Freddie Mercury proved to be an amazing singer. And showed the world that his looks don’t matter when his voice could captivate the people.

P!nk didn’t fit in the beauty moulds of society

Alecia Beth Moore @ P!nk. An American singer, songwriter, record producer and spokesperson. One among the people who have broken free of the “so-called” beauty moulds and attained success. Her journey has not been easy, with many critics taking it upon themselves to repeatedly remind her that she didn’t fit the beauty standards norms. Be it people leaving negative comments online or critics slamming her on social media with discouraging words. She faced all of them with a smirk politely asking them to mind their own business. She has always been confident about the way she looks and never forgets to let others know that she is happy with her life.

P!nk, while accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award gave a speech dedicated for her daughter. About self-empowerment which went viral and got her many fans and supporters. Many people have recently been criticizing her for gaining weight. To which she replied, “I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off. Thanks for your concern. Love, cheesecake”. She has proven to the world that others opinion about you wouldn’t degrade or pull you down as long as you don’t give it the power.

Adele broke the beauty standards

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a singer and songwriter, who has won numerous awards. One of the world famous artists who have gone through body shaming and other criticisms as well. To which, she always responded confidently that she enjoys eating food and proudly accepted that she was on the plus side.

She broke records with her voice. And has received fifteen Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, eighteen Billboard Music Awards and many more. Adele has proved to this world that appearance is all subjective and one should love the way they look.

Priyanka Chopra was bullied!

Priyanka Chopra, an actress, singer and film producer. But her path towards success has not been easy. Bullied for being from a different ethnicity. And made fun of for her English accent yet, she proved to the world that there is no definite definition for beauty. By winning the Miss World 2000 pageant. Time named her to be one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2016. Following which Forbes listed her among the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women for two consecutive years.


Ahn Hye-jin also known as Hwasa. A singer, rapper, songwriter and composer and a member of the Korean K-pop band Mamamoo. Criticized for not belonging to the traditional K-pop idol beauty standards. Hwasa never paid attention to such remarks. Although it hurt her listening to people criticizing her for her looks. However, Hwasa wanted to reply to such haters. And she did fabulously in her style that sparked both her fans and haters. During a fan meet Hwasa told her fans that she was body shamed during one of her auditions. She told her fans that if she didn’t fit into this generation’s beauty standard then she would have to become a different standard. True to her words she created a new standard for beauty and assured people that one should never pay attention to what others say.

She started something called “Hwasa effect”. That made other idols envy her for her confidence. Showing everyone that one should not try to fit into dresses, but rather should find dresses that fit them. She started a national sensation and managed to sell out every item she uses on screen. Hwasa continues to show the world how comfortable and confident she is in her skin by not wearing makeup and eating foods to her heart content. She defied the rule that idols always have to appear with makeup and be on diet to maintain their body.


For many years, the entertainment industry has encouraged impractical beauty standards. Glaring upon natural features, such as makeup free faces or cellulite. However, many stars are taking a stand and using their platforms to challenge societal norms. Some are doing it by displaying their body-positive self-images. While others are building inclusive beauty and clothing companies. These people are among the few who have challenged the norm through physical appearance and creative projects alike.

These stars prove that traditional beauty standards are a thing of the past. They use their platform to lay the way for those who don’t conform to social norms. And motivate people of all strides of life to embrace their own skin. And to express their true and authentic selves. Let us not become a prey to this “so-called” beauty norms and learn to love ourselves just the way we are!

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