Beauty Which Touches Zillions of Hearts


Beauty gives pleasure and relaxation to the eyes of the viewer. Beauty is not limited to any person or things, it is a gift of God present everywhere around you. It is something which has the power to attract anyone and make him forget all his worries and stress. Beauty is pure in itself.

Beauty is something which makes you feel relaxed and leave you in with awe. It is present everywhere you go, it is present in the chirping of birds, blossoming of a flower, growing of a plant, the wind that touches the face, Sunkissed morning, drops that fall on the ground with the excitement of meeting the earth, people in the village sitting together under the trees laughing and talking in the scorching summer, children playing outside their homes in the mud, fishes in the sea peeping up in the air and again jumping back into the sea, children playing cricket on the street with a desire of becoming future Sachin Tendulkar, members of the family sitting and having dinner together, the birth of a child with a vagitus, smell of soil with the start of the rain, and there are zillions of things where we see the beauty. 

Beauty in today’s world is labelled as a person with a beautiful face, but it is something beyond that. People admire for a beautiful look, dashing personality and a big bank balance. In today’s world, people are fond of virtual beauty which they find on social networking platforms, where people are seeing smiling, lending a helping hand but deep inside they are depressed and mean to others. People are more active on social media, thinking that they will find the real friend which will make them happy, forgetting that happiness comes from the beauty within. People are becoming more frustrated and anxious because they are believing and living inside a fake beautiful world full demon, cutting-off themselves with the real beauty of nature gifted by God. 

Now, people don’t have time to enjoy and absorb the beauty of each moment. They don’t have time for their family, to spend some quality time with them and fill the beautiful treasure bag of their memories. They don’t have time to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature, closer to nature neither they have time for enjoying the reading of books because they are busy reading the fake status of happiness of others, which is just posted with an intention of a show-off. People believe more in showing the world about their happiness than enjoying that beautiful moment. 

Connect yourself with the beauty of moment and nature, get yourself out of the fake, show-off world, this will not only help you be happy but also it will help you to fill the bag of your memories with the beautiful moments of your because at the end all you will be happy about will be the memories you have lived throughout your life. Living life to its fullest with less show-off and more beautiful memories in the heart are the real definition of beauty life.

“Beauty is everywhere around, it just needs an eye to look and heart to feel. Beauty cannot be a face it is a feeling filled inside a person, which make the person beautiful in real sense.”