Every country in the world has its own specialty and uniqueness.

Here are some reasons why Canada is so unique compared to others.

Canada is the country that got its own flag only after 100 years of announcing it has a separate country. The most popular superheroes such as Wolverine, Deadpool and Superman are created from Canada.

Canadians are more famous for saying sorry, also if the mistake is clearly from the opponent’s side. The apology act passed in 2009, allows people to say sorry in the court, that considered as an act for admitting guilt.

Even though the total area of Canada is larger than America, it’s 90% of the land is inhabited since the population is just 11% of that of America. Actually being forestry, trees cover 80% of the land. One of the towns in Canada is Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, as the name describes “Ha! Ha!”  it is considered the most joyous town in the world. It has grabbed the Guinness record for having more no of exclamatory marks in its name.

Canada has the world’s biggest number of polar bears and it is the only country that has a jail in which the polar bears have imprisoned for their actions. The illegal actions include rummaging around the house in order to steal the food. In case if you come across these bears you can call out the cops to arrest the bears.

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Canada”s national sport is Lacrosse but hockey is Canada’s official national winter sport and perhaps its greatest contribution to world sport. Ice hockey is originated in Canada, and Canadians generally regard the sport as their own. Even the Canadian people eat, breathe, and live hockey.

PyeongChang 2018: Canada name Para ice hockey team | International  Paralympic Committee

The Hudson Bay region in Canada has less gravity in the world, where people can jump higher than the other regions of the world. And also if you want to weigh less, that’s the place to be!.

People from all over the world celebrate Christmas and the unusual spesh about Christmas is Santa Claus. Canada is the home town of Santa Claus, and most children in Canada believe that Santa is really alive. The reason for the red and white-colored cloth of Santa is because of the national colors of Canada.

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Almost 56% of the whole population at least have a post-graduation degree, and hence Canada is the most educated country in the world. The country has more than three million lakes which are more than the rest of the world combined and it is a mind-blowing one.

Most of the people under the age of 35 are either vegan (the people only eat vegetables and avoid animal products including milk) or vegetarians (vegetables and animal products but not animals). Canada is the country that has encrypted six time zones in it namely, Newfoundland, Atlantic, central standard, central daylight, mountain, and pacific daylight times zones.