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COVID-19 has enforced industries long resilient to digitization. Given their complication and hefty regulation, to alter the operations quickly. The epidemic hastened this shift as people got forced to interact with brands digitally. Before COVID 19 existed, digital was just a choice. Consider banking, car buying, retail shopping, all 100% digital. The key to tough […]
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The success story of Ritesh Agarwal from being a dropout to a billionaire is inspiring. He is a 27-year-old Indian billionaire who is the founder and CEO of the world’s most affordable hotel chain, OYO. Ritesh began his journey at the age of 20 with the vision of finding a solution for people looking for […]
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LinkedIn is an excellent platform. It is like Facebook for professionals. It started its journey on May 5th 2003 and reshaped the way business professionals connect worldwide. These days, it is used in over 200 countries in 24 languages by over 665 million experts, consultants and professionals. As LinkedIn grew, it mastered to include key […]
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LinkedIn is an amazing professional jam.With over 690 million members, LinkedIn ranked fifth within the list of most popular social media web site of 2020. In recent years, it has emerged as not only just a social site for recruiting or networking but also as a platform for valuable recruitment and member engagement.Whether you are […]
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Who doesn’t want to be successful in today’s world? Today everyone wants to be successful like Bill Gates or Richard Branson. It is in fact very interesting to wonder about what makes these successful people different from others, what mindset do they carry on, or what are qualities do they persist? The answers to all […]
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Have you ever thought of how to earn money online? Well don’t worry I have come up with the most lucrative ways of earning money online. Let’s dive in!! 1. FREELANCING Freelancing could be a contract-based profession where rather than being recruited in an organization. The person uses his skills and skill to produce services to variety of clients. In simple terms, freelancing […]

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