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Benefits of learning a foreign language in today’s fast-paced and competitive realm is very important to keep up with the world. The coronavirus pandemic, along with the continuing lockdown, is in every way taking a toll on mental health. Online education and work from home are the key reasons why people are cutting off from […]
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Defining Teamwork Teamwork involves a set of interdependent work carried out by individuals who cooperate toward a common goal. Teamwork involves a variety of activities and tasks performed by individuals who cooperate among themselves to attain a common objective. That objective can be establishing a product, delivering a service, writing a report, or making a […]
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What is improvisation? Improvisation is a never-ending path and distractions are the diversions in the never-ending path which diverts to an ending path. Improvisation needs consistent efforts to be on the path of mastery and to become addicted to improving. An addiction to distraction doesn’t need any efforts. It just comes on your way whenever […]
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Many of the natural issues come from the beauty industry. For long beauty brands have been scrutinized for not taking important measures to adopt sustainability.  The packaging is the number one contributor to plastic pollution. Every year beauty industry creates about 120 billion units of packaging. About 50% of all the plastic manufactured is thrown […]
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What is life? A society in which we live or where we find ourselves from our birth becomes a world for us. A lifestyle which we find in our homes inculcates in us. Society in which we live becomes a base and a boundary for most of us. Living life is a relative thing for […]

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