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Benefits of learning a foreign language in today’s fast-paced and competitive realm is very important to keep up with the world. The coronavirus pandemic, along with the continuing lockdown, is in every way taking a toll on mental health. Online education and work from home are the key reasons why people are cutting off from […]
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Introduction: The child’s health is a nation’s wealth. Their basic nutrition during childhood sets the stage for adult health, which reinforces the workforce of the nation. Both child health and education are aligned with each other, what affects one affects the other. Education imparts basic knowledge about health beliefs, develops skills, provides better lifestyle choices, […]
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Extra Classes or Sports: “Extra classes need for school growth. While sports strong the physical and mental thought. Let’s see are they better both.” Some people think that children should take additional classes after school and some view that sports are more required. Both extra classes and games are deeply linked with students life for […]
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“Can a person steal happiness? Or is it just another internal, infernal human trick?” – Liesel Meminger, The Book Thief Nazi Germany in 1939. As the country holds its breath, death has never been busier. And it will continue to remain busy, even busier.Liesel’s life turns around when she picks up a single object, partially […]
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Women and child development schemes such as NNM, ICDS, BETI BACHAO BETI PADAO, PMMYOJNA, RGNCS, UJJAWALA, etc…are introduced because Women’s and children’s well-being is the most crucial thing in society in 2020. As per the 2011 census data, women and children together comprise 68% of the population which makes it important that their demands are […]
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Introduction: E-learning takes place through electronic media using the internet. It includes the use of technology for teaching and studying. The other term for e-learning is distance-learning. E-learning can be like a virtual live classroom. The students can interact with professors, teachers, and other students. Lectures can e recorded in advance to allow each student […]

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