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  1. Digital marketing
Choosing web hosting is the very first step of creating the online presence of your business. Different businesses have different needs for web hosting. You need to understand what exactly is your need and accordingly choose hosting that fits your needs. It is very important because your website performance will be relying on the hosting […]
  1. Digital marketing
Lead Magnet is a resource that your giveaway to your potential customer in exchange for their contact information. Lead magnets are a very important part of your lead generation process. Let’s face it people are very protective of their contact information. If you are planning to ask contact information and expect everybody to enter it.  […]
  1. Digital marketing
A customer persona is an imaginary representation of your ideal customer. Many people ignore building a customer persona for their business. I also ignored it at the beginning and found its importance later. You see, customers are the lifeline of your business, without them, you can’t survive.  Creating a customer persona will help you reach […]

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Worlwide Introduction– Airport Authority of India is turning to be a privatised concept. The Government of India created the aviation sector in 1994 named as Aviation Sector of India. Privatisation new approach works under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The Government of India is responsible for the creation, up gradation and maintenance management of civil […]
INTRODUCTIONDigital India: A flagship programme of the government of India that aims to transform. The country into a digitally empowered and knowledgeable country of the world. It aims in ensuring services provided by the government are made available electronically by the improved online facilities. Besides, by ensuring the internet connections even at the remotest areas […]



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