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Death Note is a 37-series anime inspired by the manga series of the same name and premiered from 2006-2007 in Japan.This series opened up anime viewership in western and other asian countries and popularised the “infamous” death notebooks that China had to ban the series as it was casting a bad impression on children. Yet, the series gained record breaking viewership and continues to be […]
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The Queen’s Gambit is a limited series around Beth Harmon, a young CHESS prodigy who discovers her extraordinary talent during her time in a mid-century American orphanage. The story is all about addiction, obsession, trauma, and CHESS! “Whoa, you certainly know the game, young lady.”, as said by Mr. Shaibel when she was Eight. He […]
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In our working day, being a no spend on gambling venue compensation would not may actually your hard. That on top of that attributes handheld based generally match in which a gamer will be able to take part as part of their beloved match up with within the easily transportable quite as effectively as unit […]
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Introduction Meta-learning or learning how to learn sounds like a waste of time to most. This is because people fail to see how it can in any way be useful for them. People think that to learn anything we must follow the conventional methods of learning. Like if you want to be an engineer you […]
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In the year 2019 , Prime Minister said that we will achieve $5 trillion dollar economy by the end of 2024 . Our recent economy is about 2.94 trillion dollars . Achieving $5 trillion economy seems a very far fetched dream in present COVID and economy crisis . When our country is having lowest growth […]
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Emotions and Colors Life is colourful with emotions. Emotions are like colours, some colours provide relaxation to eyes and keep our mind at peace, some colours provide an energetic spark in our mind which leads to an active and enthusiastic body, and some colours are there which gives pain in our eyes if we keep […]
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Success-An admiration for humans Success is the want, admiration and desire of every living being on this planet. “FAILURE”, which is an important aspect of our lives which acts as a “BACKSCREEN SUPPORTER” in a movie named “LIFE”. Failure supports our main lead. The “SUCCESS”, to make his role as the best role in our […]
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Equality among the sexes is fundamental principle for development of progressive society . Although constitution provides equality and right to equality being one of the fundamental right; landscape provides different picture of the same;Supreme court decision regarding inheritance right; one of the millennial step to rectify the history of unjust and biased social practices. Supreme […]
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What is Media? Media is a medium to pass information from a sender to the viewers. It is a sign of citizen power. It was and it is a platform where the revolution begins. It is a platform full of unbiased and true information. Role of media is to spreads awareness, reality and truth among […]

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