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Any paranormal enthusiast will know who the Warrens are. Ed and Lorraine Warren battled with demons, devils, and poltergeists for over 50 years. They have an influence on even today’s ghost hunters. Hollywood has turned their stories into blockbuster movies. In 1952, the married couple founded the New England Society for Psychic Research. It is […]
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Uncertainty phobias, a fragment of the human experience. Some thrive in uncertain times, while others turn out emotionally paralyzed. The way one responds to the uncertainty may depend on how scared they are of the unknown. If one fears spiders or snakes, cause of what they have learned. Like ‘some of the creatures are poisonous […]
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There are a lot of unexplainable things that happen around the world. But science related people always try to find some scientific reason behind every of the strange things that happen. Sometimes Science succeeds in proving that superstitions are pointless. But when science can offer no solace to people, the belief in something superior to us, The Almighty, does come handy.

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Introduction Basically, Digital education refers to technology-assisted learning. It is not a new concept for most students. We have been using digital platforms such as Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, etc for years now. This is due to the vast variety of complex topics that are available on such websites. Like engineering, law, medical sciences, etc. Digital […]


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