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Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is a digital means of exchange created for private individuals or groups. It uses cryptographic protocols built by the developers by using advanced mathematical and computational principles. It has sensitive data which are in an encrypted form during the transfer, hence it is one of the secure units of […]
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What is life? A society in which we live or where we find ourselves from our birth becomes a world for us. A lifestyle which we find in our homes inculcates in us. Society in which we live becomes a base and a boundary for most of us. Living life is a relative thing for […]
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This idea of ‘One Sun, One World One Grid’ (OSOWOG) was first introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2018 during the first assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA). What is OSOWOG? OSOWOG is a trans-national electricity grid supplying solar power across the globe. Through this system, it will be possible for any country […]
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Starting is the most daring and important step to fly off with your dreams. A moment is always a deciding factor to take off and crash down. Living a moment, breathing a moment is the way to catch those flight. Every flying flight may not take you to your destiny so it is also a […]
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Opportunities are the fast-moving life-changing moments, just like a bullet fired from the gun. They can also be imagined as a butterfly which needs a very high concentration and focuses to be caught. Opportunities are the real but invisible assets for humans, which builds the temporary asset, money, for which the whole world is running. […]
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Why status is important? Status a pleasing position for every one of us and showcases or showrooms are the place where status is put on display. Showrooms are the glittering lights for our eyes. Higher status is the ambition of our never-ending wants. The craving for status is leading the world towards the world of […]
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Cryptocurrency – The world has been evolving rapidly in the domain of financial institutions. Now, financial institutions have a new dimension i.e., cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept in this world. For many years, cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, has attracted investors from far and near. Cryptocurrency’s Historical Relevance in Bitcoin After the world was shaken […]
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Emotions and Colors Life is colourful with emotions. Emotions are like colours, some colours provide relaxation to eyes and keep our mind at peace, some colours provide an energetic spark in our mind which leads to an active and enthusiastic body, and some colours are there which gives pain in our eyes if we keep […]

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