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Homophobia comes in many forms. “Bro, why are you acting gay?” “Bro, wearing that makes you look gay.” “I’m all for gay rights as long as gay people don’t come on to me.”We all have heard these sentences at some point in our life. The sad part is that they are often used casually. What’s […]
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What is mass media? Mass media includes television, films, radio, magazines, advertisements, newspapers, etc. They are called mass media or mass communications because they reach a mass audience. In recent years, there has been an huge expansion of mass communications. It has come to serve diverse social groups. The relation between society and mass communications, […]
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Definition & Meaning Matriarchy refers to a system where women hold important positions, that of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege. They exercise dominance and have decision making powers both in public and private spheres of life. Within the sense of family, it implies mothers as the head of the family. Mothers are the center […]
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Introduction Love jihad is basically a conspiracy theory popularized by right-wing Hindu organizations. It states that Muslim men are trying to trick Hindu girls into falling for them. Eventually marrying them and attempting to convert them. This is suggested to instill hate within the Hindu community and has no legal basis or truth to it. […]
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What is Communalism? Communalism is the natural tendency of people to identify as a member of a community. Standing together to promote their interests. It is not inherently a bad thing, in fact, quite the opposite. Communalism has led all meaningful revolutions in all of the time. From the Independence of India to the French […]
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Reservation system in India The system of reservation in India originated from the caste system. While The Constitution of India guarantees equality to everyone. Also, it provides equal opportunity to every citizen. It is responsible for the system of reservation in India. And has its impact till now, on education, politics, employment, etc. Article 15 […]
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Introduction 2020 Election The 2020 United States presidential election has become a blockbuster political thriller. The investors were on their toes! Due to the unpredictability of who will lead the most powerful country in the world for the next 4 years. The US elections have finally come to a summit. Every news channel for the […]
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Modernization Modernizing refers to something recent and contemporary. It refers to the emergence of ideas and attitudes that emerged in 19th century Europe. Modern ideas replaced religion as the dominant mode of knowing the world with science. It emphasized scientific rationality, reason, and individual at the center of everything, it’s an instrument being colonialism. Being modern […]

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The IMPACT OF Covid-19 has been visible in every industry and sector. However, the education sector is one of the worst-hit sectors due to the coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown. The complete closure of schools, universities, and colleges around the world has restructured almost every aspect of our regular life. According to UNESCO data, more than […]


Introduction Basically, Digital education refers to technology-assisted learning. It is not a new concept for most students. We have been using digital platforms such as Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, etc for years now. This is due to the vast variety of complex topics that are available on such websites. Like engineering, law, medical sciences, etc. Digital […]


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