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Uncertainty phobias, a fragment of the human experience. Some thrive in uncertain times, while others turn out emotionally paralyzed. The way one responds to the uncertainty may depend on how scared they are of the unknown. If one fears spiders or snakes, cause of what they have learned. Like ‘some of the creatures are poisonous […]
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What is corporate social responsibility? When was CSR introduced in India? Why is CSR mandatory? How corporate social responsibility pays off? These are some of the questions that I’ve discussed in this article. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the contribution of organizations to wider societal goals through ethical practices. Now it has become a […]
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Homophobia comes in many forms. “Bro, why are you acting gay?” “Bro, wearing that makes you look gay.” “I’m all for gay rights as long as gay people don’t come on to me.”We all have heard these sentences at some point in our life. The sad part is that they are often used casually. What’s […]
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Who is Elon Musk? Elon Reeve Musk is a billionaire, philanthropist, and inventor. He has created or co-owns multiple groundbreaking companies in various industries. Like Tesla an automobile company, Space X an aerospace company, Pay Pal an internet-based online payments system, and many more. It is also surprising to see how he actually builds his […]
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What does LGBTQIA+ mean? The term LGBTQIA+ refers to anyone who is non – heterosexual and/or non – cisgender. Initially the word ‘gay power’ was used and was later replaced by ‘pride’. The community consists of people from various genders as well as sexual orientation. The abbreviation stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or […]
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Introduction Love jihad is basically a conspiracy theory popularized by right-wing Hindu organizations. It states that Muslim men are trying to trick Hindu girls into falling for them. Eventually marrying them and attempting to convert them. This is suggested to instill hate within the Hindu community and has no legal basis or truth to it. […]
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In our modern society, we have a plethora of entertainment options, keeping cinema aside. The advent of technological advancements has reduced the resources required for consuming content. Social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. provide endless content. These sites curate content according to the user’s taste. The avenues of entertainment have become more […]
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What is superstition? Though there is no sole definition for superstition, it usually means a belief in supernatural forces. Such as fate, the yearning to influence unpredictable factors and a need to deal with uncertainty. Individual beliefs and experiences drive superstitions. This explains why it is usually irrational and often confront scientific insight. Many psychologists have […]
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Sati system in INDIA | How did Abolished In INDIA ? Sati system was a historical practice in INDIA. It was practiced mainly among Hindus in the northern part of South Asia. But, before telling you what it really means. Can you tell me the feeling when your hand burns? Or when you touch a […]

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The IMPACT OF Covid-19 has been visible in every industry and sector. However, the education sector is one of the worst-hit sectors due to the coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown. The complete closure of schools, universities, and colleges around the world has restructured almost every aspect of our regular life. According to UNESCO data, more than […]


Introduction Basically, Digital education refers to technology-assisted learning. It is not a new concept for most students. We have been using digital platforms such as Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, etc for years now. This is due to the vast variety of complex topics that are available on such websites. Like engineering, law, medical sciences, etc. Digital […]


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