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Neuropsychology is the study of understanding human behaviour by analyzing the complex properties and functionalities of the human brain. In reality there remains different emphases among practitioners and researchers, which broadly divide into two domains: those of clinical and cognitive neuropsychology. A neuropsychologist is one who studies the brain’s cognitive functions, such as attention, language, […]
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The following Haiku is an apt representation of the dilemma of being a woman in India. reincarnation how many of us want to be women again – Vandana Parashar, I am. India is a country with contradictions. We worship goddesses on one hand and have a high female foeticide rate on the other. We idolize […]
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Harry Styles has garnished yet another accolade in his solo career – a solo American Vogue cover.The 21-year-old singer graced the magazine’s cover. He wore a Gucci jacket and a dress, in the photos released. Harry Styles is the first solo male to have the cover, all to himself in the magazine’s 127-year history. Tyler […]
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Uncertainty phobias, a fragment of the human experience. Some thrive in uncertain times, while others turn out emotionally paralyzed. The way one responds to the uncertainty may depend on how scared they are of the unknown. If one fears spiders or snakes, cause of what they have learned. Like ‘some of the creatures are poisonous […]
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What is corporate social responsibility? When was CSR introduced in India? Why is CSR mandatory? How corporate social responsibility pays off? These are some of the questions that I’ve discussed in this article. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the contribution of organizations to wider societal goals through ethical practices. Now it has become a […]
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Homophobia comes in many forms. “Bro, why are you acting gay?” “Bro, wearing that makes you look gay.” “I’m all for gay rights as long as gay people don’t come on to me.”We all have heard these sentences at some point in our life. The sad part is that they are often used casually. What’s […]
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Who is Elon Musk? Elon Reeve Musk is a billionaire, philanthropist, and inventor. He has created or co-owns multiple groundbreaking companies in various industries. Like Tesla an automobile company, Space X an aerospace company, Pay Pal an internet-based online payments system, and many more. It is also surprising to see how he actually builds his […]
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What does LGBTQIA+ mean? The term LGBTQIA+ refers to anyone who is non – heterosexual and/or non – cisgender. Initially the word ‘gay power’ was used and was later replaced by ‘pride’. The community consists of people from various genders as well as sexual orientation. The abbreviation stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or […]

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INTRODUCTION JusticeMadan Mohan Punchhi(M.M Punchhi) held the position of 28thCJI for a period of ten months. Post retirement, he was appointed as the Chairman of Centre-State Relations Commission by the UPA Government of India in the year 2007 to give a fresh outlook towards the responsibilities given to different levels of Government and its inter-relations. […]



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