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LGBTQ+ is an umbrella term for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and many other queer identities based on people’s sexualities and preferences. Often, people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community face a lot of discrimination and prejudices due to a history of atrocious stereotyping against them. They hear vulgar and derogatory comments as abusers point them out. […]
  1. Social issues
Abstract Beliefs, Traditions, Values, and so on are personal things. People of different castes, creeds, cultural backgrounds, and countries may have diverse perspectives and opinions of different conditions and thus have different superstitions. Superstitions are a part of people’s everyday lives in a complex nation like India. An individual, rich or poor, professional or middle-class […]
  1. Social issues
Racism is a prejudiced belief differentiating and discriminating people based on their physical appearance. People discriminate among humans just on the basis of their different appearances. Racism might be based on their color, height, social class or other such visible attributes. Nowadays, the evil practice of racism is growing exponentially and is certainly disrupting lives […]
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Medical science has progressed tremendously over the years. Subsequently, the advancements have increased the life expectancy of people by several years. However, the same is not true for certain individuals whose life ends before it begins because of sex selective abortion. Today, a lot of technology is available which enables us to determine the sex […]

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