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Who doesn’t want to be successful in today’s world? Today everyone wants to be successful like Bill Gates or Richard Branson. It is in fact very interesting to wonder about what makes these successful people different from others, what mindset do they carry on, or what are qualities do they persist? The answers to all […]
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Who is Elon Musk? Elon Reeve Musk is a billionaire, philanthropist, and inventor. He has created or co-owns multiple groundbreaking companies in various industries. Like Tesla an automobile company, Space X an aerospace company, Pay Pal an internet-based online payments system, and many more. It is also surprising to see how he actually builds his […]
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Introduction Meta-learning or learning how to learn sounds like a waste of time to most. This is because people fail to see how it can in any way be useful for them. People think that to learn anything we must follow the conventional methods of learning. Like if you want to be an engineer you […]
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S P Balasubramaniam was born on the fourth of June 1946. He is also called S.P.B. and Balu by everyone. He is an immeasurable Indian singer, music director, actor, dubbing artist, and film producer who worked primarily in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, and Malayalam. Early Life And Background : S P Balasubramaniam was born into […]
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Who is an Entrepreneur An entrepreneur could be someone who has the courage to undertake the danger and begin a replacement business. Almost everyone wants to become an entrepreneur. What else can anyone wish to once you’ve numerous benefits of getting your own business, you’ll set your own hours, do the work that you simply […]
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Opportunities are the fast-moving life-changing moments, just like a bullet fired from the gun. They can also be imagined as a butterfly which needs a very high concentration and focuses to be caught. Opportunities are the real but invisible assets for humans, which builds the temporary asset, money, for which the whole world is running. […]
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Our moms teach us life exercises which we may not in any case stop to contemplate over and consider. What’s more, when we dove into these protective pearls of intelligence, we discovered quite sage friendliness advertising guidance. Notwithstanding reminding us to tidy up our rooms, brush our hair, and be pleasant to our instructors, Moms […]
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Expressions -An effective way of communication The expression is a language of signs which can only be decode with mutual understanding. No one can ever teach you this language of signs. The expression is a priceless way of communication, it shows your closeness and mutual understanding. Expressions are best explain in the old-time movies. For […]

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Introduction Basically, Digital education refers to technology-assisted learning. It is not a new concept for most students. We have been using digital platforms such as Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, etc for years now. This is due to the vast variety of complex topics that are available on such websites. Like engineering, law, medical sciences, etc. Digital […]


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