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Charity & its Importance

Charity work can be defined as a means to benefit the society or work towards public welfare by various means such as an organization or a person. The person that raises charitable funds should not expect anything in return because if they do, then it would change the meaning of the charity work itself. In our ancient epic Mahabharata, there comes a character named Karan. He earned the title ‘Daanveer’ Karan because he used to give whatever was asked of him to the surrounding people. He serves as an inspiration for many people . We can’t let a person suffer who is in need of government support, but we can always offer them our help. Charity work doesn’t always mean raising funds. We can also help by contributing a part of whatever we have. Gestures as small as offering food to a hungry person can also be considered charity work.

Charity for Old Age Homes-

People who had family disputes, were struck by poverty, suffering from endemic diseases and have poor mental health are admitted to these old age homes. In these homes, the staff looks after them by fulfilling basic human needs like providing food, shelter, and some affection. The charity funds of government old age homes come from the government itself, and the private old age homes tend to get their charity funds through different organizations and NGOs. it will be used for various purposes like,

Building infrastructure:

They might need charity funds for constructing buildings for old age homes. It also includes repairing damaged buildings, developing buildings and constructing new ones. Staff managing the same keep some amount of charity funds for urgent purposes like in times of natural calamity and if unforeseeable damage is caused to the buildings.

Medical facilities:

This is of utmost importance for old age homes. People who live there are usually above the age of 65 and are prone to many diseases. There tend to be patients that have previously suffered from heart attacks and so on, thus an ambulance is needed at such homes, so if such unforeseeable circumstances do occur, the patient can be saved. Also, building a medical centre and hiring a nurse for the same could prove to be helpful for old age homes, which would definitely need money. In these cases, charity funds can be useful.

Charity for Child Orphanages-

Staff members of the organisation will raise the orphans. Many private child orphanages work mainly on charity funds. Although some people contribute to it in the form of food essentials and some by providing useful items. Organisation will manage all the necessities using these charity funds.


education is the basic right of every children in our society. So, the orphans must be provided with education, which is why funds are so important. In such cases, the staff advertises the same so that people interested in volunteering can raise funds. They also ask for donations from various organizations to add to their fund.


As much as education is important, so is recreation for growing children as ‘All work and no play will make Johnny a dull boy’. Thus, there is a need for a playground in a child orphanage; it can be small or large depending on the area. At times, extra land is to be purchased and something to engage them like swings, see-saw etc.

NGOs & Govt. Care funds-

NGO’s are non government organisations, working towards the welfare of our society. Each NGO works towards a certain mission as some work towards women empowerment, some work towards feeding the needy and so on. The annual budget for these organizations comes from funds raised through donors, private sectors and companies, but most of its funding is from individual private donors. Some companies expect a little profit and some don’t. These NGOs rely on a large number of small funding, rather than a small number of large funding. Some of these NGOs depend on government funding also, which might be for political reasons as well.

Celebrities, actors and other donors will donate for government care funds. It can also be from foreign countries where it’s allowed to raise funds from people and organisations. In return, they may expect assistance in situations like helping their people during natural disasters or assisting in other international aspects.

Scholarship funding for government schools-

Students who score 60% or above and are interested in pursuing higher education can avail scholarships. Hence, it’s our responsibility or moral duty to donate some amount to charity, if at all, we can afford to do so, thus contributing to a better future of these children. we can donate affordable funds to child orphanages so that they can get proper education.


Charity helps us in improving a person’s or society’s future. one should do charity work willingly, not by force . Increasing number of donors has helped the charities around the world so much so that even YouTubers are streaming for charity work in the case of floods and other disasters. Even a small contribution helps in developing something big. What will be more satisfying than contributing to society’s development and its people?

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