Chris Evans, known for his role as Captain America, is a Hollywood actor and a director. Transformed from a teen movie actor to a superstar, he has been awarded as The Best Superhero by the Scream Awards. Despite making his way into people’s hearts and changing their perception of a superhero, he loves his privacy. Known as the King of handsomeness and arms, with genuine and down-to-earth character, he has a huge fan base all over the world. You think you are a die-hard fan of Evans? No matter how big of a fan you are, you might not know these amazing facts about him.

10. Chris Evans was desperate to get an internship as a high school junior?!

He shared a ‘hilarious’ throwback by posting his internship cover letter, from the summers of 1998, which he sent almost to “dozens of casting directors”. 

“Since my weekdays will be open I was hoping to arrange an internship in the city allowing someone to take advantage of a hardworking individual like me…”, the letter read. In a follow-up post, he said that the letter and the accompanying resume were humiliating, though they worked. He was given a chance and spent a lot of time getting coffee, answering phones, and meeting agents.

9. Chris Evans was a struggling actor, who has started as a ‘Mystery Date’ Board game model!

While completing his studies at Lincoln Sundberg Regional High School, he started participating in plays and skits. He was appreciated for his role as Leontes in the play, ‘The Winter Tale’, which turned out to be his motivation to take acting as a profession in his way forward. Consequently, he joined a Theatre and Film Institute, eventually, improving his acting skills. He did a short video, the Biodiversity: wild about life.

His real acting career started when in a Game Designing and Manufacturing company, Hasbro’s, he started working as a model. He was getting rejected in many auditions. He did small roles in TV shows such as The Fugitive in 2000, Opposite sex, etc.  

8. Captain America: not the first role as a superhero!

Captain America was not the first role as a superhero. Moreover, it was not even the first marvel role for the star. The Fantastic Four, a scientific mystery-adventure, had the core characters in one of the Marvel comics’ most durable properties. In the movie, Chris Evans starred Johnny Storm, who erupts into flame, blazing through the sky like a human torch. Although, it did not go well with the critics and fans. 

Chris EVans in Fabtastic Four

7. Chris Evans turned down the Captain America role!!

His panic attack and social anxiety would have come in the way of the opportunity to get portrayed as THE Captain America, only if Robert Downey, Jr. had not convinced him for this role. He said he first started experiencing anxiety in 2007, which escalated in 2010 while filming Puncture. When Marvel approached him to offer the role, he felt he would suffer and declined to even test the role. Marvel insisted Robert convince him, eventually paving his way to become the Captain America Star.

6. Missed Roles: He was turned down for few roles

He auditioned for the role of Drew Baylor and Cameron Crowe’s which he lost to Orlando Bloom. In 2008, he auditioned for the role of Scott Smith in Milk but also lost out on this part to James Franco. In an interview, he admitted that he wanted to be a part of Milk, but lost it. He wanted to be a part of it since he is an active supporter of LGBT rights himself and his brother is openly gay. In 2009, he also came to be featured in Avatar, as Jake Sully, but Sam Worthington was the one who beat him for the role, in the final round!

5. One of his hobbies: Tap Dancing 

Chris Evans is one of those people, who when pick up anything, attain expertise in it. When asked in an interview, he revealed, “I Tap Dance. My mother was a Tap dancer, as a result, we all grew up with an understanding of Tap dance”, he says. He has a Tap dance floor in his basement and his mother says he still Tap dance to release stress sometimes.

4. Chris Evans: not only fond of tattoos but has a meaning for each. 

He added many tattoos recently. He has a tattoo that resembles those of his Avengers co-stars. They have become very close over the course of making the film, and so, they have matching tattoos with very special meaning. According to Entertainment Weekly, it was to celebrate the release of Avengers’ Infinity War. He has an eagle on his chest and a design that he dedicated to his dog named Dodger. Moreover, he has a Taurus Zodiac tattoo on his left bicep. It is believed that this one is a tribute to his mom, Lisa Evans. A tattoo dedicated to his late friend Matt Bardsley- “In loving memory” and “with me always”- shows his love for him. “My whole career is a tribute to him and I’m happy to be able to dedicate whatever I’ve achieved to my eternal buddy Matt”, he says.

A tattoo dedicated to his late friend Matt Bardsley features the phrase "In loving memory" and "with me always"

3. His relation with his co-stars in Avengers is not from Avengers only.

He has worked with his co-stars in other movies too. He and Scarlett Johansson worked together on The Perfect Score and The Nanny Diaries. In the movie, Scott Pilgrim v/s the world, he worked with Brie Larson. He was also seen in The Losers with marvel stars Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana. A romantic comedy film, What’s Your Number?, starred Anna Faris and Chris Evans. 

2. His childhood crush: Sandra Bullock! 

In an interview with W magazine (2016), Chris Evans revealed that he had a crush on Sandra Bullock after watching her in Speed when he was in 7th grade. He also said that he had a giant poster of hers on his bedroom ceiling when he came to New York. It has been reported that they were in a romantic relationship, but this was short-lived. Bullock dismissed this by her hilarious comment, telling Entertainment tonight, “You guys are a little behind. We’ve been married and it started breaking apart, so we separated.” 

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1. Chris told his mother when he had sex for the first time!

Chris Evans is very close to his mother. In an interview with both Chris and his mom, Lisa, his mom said, “You always tell me when you think a girl is attractive. You will call me up so excited. Is it that okay to say?”

He confided that the first time he had sex, he just went home and was like, “Mom, I just had sex!”

0. The secret behind Chris Evans’ beautiful smile: his father!

He has a smile with perfect teeth. His father is a dentist! This is what he admitted in an interview, “I looked like a village idiot growing up because my teeth were trying to escape my face.” Fortunately, his father gave him a clear brace that fixed his smile and made it mesmerizing. 

You might not have noticed, I gave you 11 facts, lol.

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