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Climate Change: A growing threat

Human beings are known to be selfish creatures. We tend to act in a way that will maximize our profits without thinking about the consequences. The third law of Newton suggests “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. In the same way whatever we do has a profound effect on earth and hence all its creatures. One such adverse effect of our activities is climate change. It refers to the global alteration in the climate patterns.

Mahatma Gandhi rightly said that “The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed”. Human beings are the only species whose greed and need for more affects the entire ecosystem. We are living treacherously and on pretty fragile terms with the nature. Our spendthrift attitude towards nature has caused some irreplaceable problems. One such very visible outcome was the depletion of the ozone layer which protects earth from the harmful ultraviolet rays.


In the current global scenario, every country is at a constant struggle for power. Every country wants to control the others. Everyone wants their own benefits and to come off as a regional or global power. Blinded by this perpetual need for power, government tends to turn a blind eye towards many alarming predicaments. Climate change has affected every living being and every country as a whole. Like poverty, terrorism, etc., this is also a global problem. If any country fails to recognize and address this serious issue then the peril befalls on the whole planet.

Climate change affects every country and that too in a different way. In countries close to the equator there will be extreme heat. The countries close to poles will have extreme cold.   The extremities are flustering. The out of season rains, droughts, floods, heat waves, etc., are pointing to an obscure future.

We are increasing the emission of greenhouse gases, that is raising the global temperature. It is the prime cause of global warming. The over usage of fossil fuels give rise to the increase of greenhouse gases like carbon di-oxide in the atmosphere. This will ultimately result in earth being inhabitable. And it is very much visible by analyzing how many species of animals are getting on the verge of extinction.

Why do we need to take measures?

The increasing global temperature was one of the major reasons for the Australian bushfires of 2020. The extreme heat and dry climate caused the fire to become more intense and tougher to combat. It caused as much as 17 million hectors of land to be burned, millions of animals to die and endangering many species of animals. It disrupted the entire ecosystem.

To take a much closer example, in Kerala, people have been facing extreme flood conditions in the past three years. It has caused the loss of many lives and a huge loss of capital.

“Climate change is a Hoax?”

Donald Trump (Former US President), in many of his public statements has referred to climate change as a hoax. We can only imagine the number of people worldwide who may believe climate change is a hoax. Especially if the former president of a superpower believes such notions. People believe that climate change has no visible effects and there are no definite indicators or proofs of it happening.

To even believe such notions is to turn a blind-eye to where we are living and the changing conditions. We can certainly be said that being ignorant is a bliss. One day when we wake up to a smoke-filled atmosphere, no breathable air, no water to drink, no oxygen, etc. Only then can we realize that an invisible force has successfully wiped out humanity. It is not an alien invasion, it is simply our ignorance that was successful in overcoming reason.

Globalization and climate change

The very scale of climate change suggests that it cannot be dealt by one country alone. Every country needs to play a vigilant role in combatting with climate change. Its not like one day America’s president wakes up and decides he needs to stop climate change from occurring. It is not something a country can stop.

There are a group of people, called the sceptics. They believe that globalization is a fantasy and hence believe that any force will not bring about the said interconnectedness. Primarily because of the selfish nature of humans and also because it would diminish the sovereignty of a state. 

The Paris Agreement signed by 196 countries in 2015, was a step against the increasing global temperature. Its goal was to decrease the global temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius. It is a landmark event in the history because of its far-reaching implications and the very ginormous participation. However, in 2017, America ceased its participation to this agreement. It came as a shock to many as it would mean that USA won’t be contributing any funds for the cause. Apparently, the Paris agreement was holding US’s economy down. Luckily with the arrival of Biden, America would rejoin the Agreement.

Hence it is important to note that climate change greatly affects the relations between nations and thus directly causes globalization.

Why is climate change a major threat?

It is apt to say that climate change is probably one of the gravest issues on earth right now. It stands in front of life itself as a giant goliath, one which should threaten every form of life. Any other form of threat that we face on earth can be controlled through few changes in our policies. Climate change too can be controlled. But it will relatively take years before we can even begin to see any visible changes.

Climate change is already making life difficult on many levels. It will take a form that we won’t be able to combat and before it does. We need to take necessary steps in order to curb Climate change. We have to slowly stop any kind of activities that will lead us into an impasse with the nature and take up a sustainable form of living that will be vital for the future generations.

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