In today’s world, increasing business numbers have played an important role, forcing an individual to higher his/her skill sets. And the skill that is given the first priority in any resume is good communication skill or effective communication skill. As businesses are all about selling, be it selling a product or be it selling a service. But, getting back to the point, selling skills are all about being persuasive and that requires a higher skill set of effective communication skills. And I don’t think that topic of importance of good communication skills requires any further discussion.

ways to improve communication skills

There can be n number of ways of improving your communication skills or developing good communication skills.

I’ll discuss a few of them and then I’ll tell you the way that I choose, the way that helped me to improve communication skills as well as earn simultaneously. Here, I have categorized you all in three basic levels, you can read the one which ever you consider yourself to be on.

BEGINNER level of communication skills

If you are complete beginner, NO PROBLEM, “every master was once a beginner”.  It all starts with a dream of becoming a master. For you the first and the key step will be mastering the  basics of English speech. First you need to master the basic of English speech. Now the question arises, How?

There are many online tutorials available on digital platforms such as YOUTUBE.  For theoretical knowledge, learning through these lectures won’t be a bad idea. Once you learn all these basics of English speech, congrats!  you are on the next level or the intermediate level and are good to go on your journey of developing effective communication skills.

INTERMEDIATE level of communication skills

If you are at this level, good you are ahead of many noobs! At this stage, your main focus must be on practicing and nothing else. There are many online tools or basically apps that allow you to practice your English speech vocally and hence improve your communication skills, such as FluentU, Speaking Pal and many more.

 If you like to watch Hollywood movies, but always had to watch the dubbed ones, it’s time to watch them in the original audio that’s English, but How? I can’t understand them! If that’s your excuse, Just try watching them with subtitles and make sure you watch those you’ve already watched in dubbed version. You’ll just experience a whole new feel listening to those intense dialogues and you’ll surely feel the actors feeling they had while delivering those dialogues. Again, coming back to the topic, now if you’ve watched the movie with the subtitles a couple of times, now try speaking the characters with the same emotions and feel that the characters used. Now, just PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTCE! And once you are fluent enough, Congrats! You are on the next level, i.e. advance level of communication skill

ADVANCED level of communication skills

If you’re at this level, you are proficient speaker. But that’s the twist, you need to understand the difference between a speaker an d a good communicator. In order to be a good communicator you need to be a good persuader, or a person who can influence well. For being persuasive, you need to fill words in other people’s mouth, you need them to speak what you want them to.

I think this one’s getting complicated so let’s keep it simple and just let’s give you guys some rest and we’ll meet on the next article with the title – Be a communicator not a speaker.