Companion is a friend in the form of a human, animal or any other nowadays trending gadget. Companionship is a feeling of togetherness which comes with the trust in the heart. A companionship is like the oxygen in the air which is invisible to our eyes but it is the most important thing for surviving in this world. A companion has no definition or boundaries, it can be anyone who can touch the heart and can sit inside it.

Companions change are always there in our lives but their shape, size and behaviour changes with changing and proceeding time of our life. For an infant, his only companion is his sleep, not even his parents, he just sleeps all through the days in his world till that infant grows up into a kid who starts discovering this new world. A kid finds his companion in his parents and the people around him and the kids grows-up and starts going to schools, he finds his companion in his classmates and starts giving their share of companionship with his parents and friends but his parents also want him to share his companionship with his books but most of the children don’t like that.

As the kid grows as a teenager, he starts sharing his companionship more with friends and very less with his parents and here at this point mobile and laptop add themselves as a new companion in his life.

As he grows as an adult, he starts finding his companionship in a stranger for forever and nearly most of us at this point start neglecting our parent, he starts focusing his family and find his companions in his own family, now neither he meets his friends frequently nor they come because every one of his age group gets their companions in their own family.

As he starts growing old, his own family gets involved in their own life and he either starts finding his memories as his companion or some find their companion in books or animals. Companion is the necessity of life and it remains throughout with us but with different forms.

People in ancient times used to spend times with everyone around them and used to find their companions in every human living in their surroundings but now people have started living in their limited areas so they have few companions and if they don’t have time or if they get busy in their lives, a person is left with no one and because these people are feeling lonely from inside so they divert themselves towards the technical gadgets and they start finding their companion in their hand devices. Humans have a behaviour of having a two-way conversation but when they get engaged with their devices it is a one-way conversation only so that leaves them with an empty and lonely void in them with results in frustration and the mindset of selfishness.

Everyone is complaining about real companions and you must have heard from some peoples who know the disadvantages of hand devices saying that animals are loyal than the minded-animals and books are good friends of humans. Both animals and books are two-way communications that’s why people feel relieved while spending times with them as their companions.

 People are finding companions in the outer world and that’s why they are getting hurt and disappointed. Find a companion in yourself and you will never find yourself alone and rather you will find other people wanting to be your companion because everyone is empty from inside so they want a person around them who full in himself.

“Be someone who plants trees in his garden for breathing pure oxygen.”