Control – A Wiser Act


Control is a word which gives a feeling of force and discipline. Feelings and desires of human beings can be imagined as a horse running all the way around and control is like a rope directing the horse. Control acts as a boundary for making decisions. A person must always know when to tighten the rope of the horse and when to lose it.

Feelings and desires are never-ending and ever-increasing parts of human life. The world in which we are living has many types of attractions in it which keeps us attracting towards themselves. We come across many attracting things throughout life, some of the major attractions are our with born relations, our friends which we choose in our lifetimes, our home in that also our room, our toys which transform with the increasing days like when we were kids our toys were the plastics model then when we grew up as a teenager our mobile and laptop become a toy and when we get our jobs the home we own, the car we have and the luxury in our home becomes a toy. Neither the attraction of the world is wrong nor our affection towards those attractions is wrong but an individual can direct it towards a wrong direction by getting attached to those materialistic things so much that he or she can’t get over that past attraction while moving ahead in life.

Nowadays, people get attached to the attraction of the world so deeply, they don’t have any control line which leads to an unhappy and unlived life because they keep on running the attraction to own them that they forget that these all attraction on increasing as you try to achieve all of them. Today, every one person if worried and talking about true relations whether it is in case of friendship or relatives but most of them don’t want to be loyal and honest themselves, this a big dent in human life which is resulting in fake faces, cheated and frustrated people everywhere around and an evil mindset. People want others to be loyal with them, they want that everyone connected with them must work for their profit, they want the time of others but when it comes to themselves, they don’t want to give their time, efforts and loyalty. Now, peoples have started hating and don’t have trust in each other but human nature is to get attached and love others so it is shifting from people to the materialized things. Humans have love-filled inside them so they are now showing that love all the materialized things which can be called as toys for humans according to their age.

Nothing is permanent in this world everything is temporary whether it is human-made or a natural one, even humans which are thought to be as a supreme power among all in this world are not permanent, each and everyone reaches their destiny at some point of time. Getting attracted is a natural behaviour of human but it is important to leave those attractions when you step ahead in your life or when those attractions vanish from the world. A person should know when to stop because if you exceed your limits it will result in pain, everyone should know their control line.  

“The Cycle goes on when you keep paddling and applying Brakes at a correct time till you reach your Destiny”