Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?

Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?
New teen drama and mystery series on Hulu

On April 20, 2021, the most famous television series, ‘Cruel Summer,’ premiered. Bert V. Royal, best known for his work in Easy-A, created it. Cruel Summer is an ongoing teen drama and mystery series that can be seen on Freeform and Hulu. Jessica Biel, the lovely wife of the pop star Justin Timberlake, is the producer of this show.

The show focuses on three days in the three years 1995, which shows the long-term impact of the abduction on a town in Skyline, Texas.

Cruel Summer sights multi-level curiosity. Freeform’s marketing was intense on the surface, with previews and advertising offering fans just enough intrigue.

All of whom may not be avid subscribers of the network formerly called ABC Family, due to their shared partnerships with dozens of Disney viewers.

The most unique component of this show is that it has an ecstatic and nostalgic vibe to it. As a result, “Cruel Summer” would get their attention.

What makes Cruel Summer a successful thriller? 

Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?
Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?

The key characteristic of a thriller is the term itself, which implies a deep sense of anticipation, tension, and terror, as well as a high level of mystery. It’s the little details that make the difference and send you goosebumps.

So imagine watching a thriller and the feeling you get when you hear footsteps following you down a long hallway that sends shivers down your spine and you’re saying to yourself that maybe you’re too afraid to run, or maybe it’s the stranger wanting you to meet up for a rendezvous. The moment you realize your life is in danger and it is not going to end well. This is what makes it more sweating and interesting about it.

The lives of the characters and the script add to the tension which makes the viewers feel the thrill.  

Froy Gutierrez, who played the lead in Season 6 of Teen Wolf, a supernatural MTV hit show, is also among the Cruel Summer cast.

On March 17, 2018, Olivia Holt, an actress, and musician made her single “Generous” debut at number one on Billboard’s Dance Club charts. Kate Wallis, the girl who vanishes, is her role.

Chiara Aurelia, who plays Jeanette, the main character in this twist-filled TV show, goes from being a nobody to being everyone’s most despised person after Kate is abducted.

What happened till now in Cruel Summer Season 1? (SPOILER ALERT)

For those who haven’t started the show please do leave because this has major spoiler leaks!

Episode 1: “Happy Birthday, Jeanette Turner”
Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?
Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?

Episode 1 which is titled “Happy Birthday, Jeanette Turner“, this episode is shown from the perspective of Jeanette Turner. Firstly, Jeanette Turner shares her 15th birthday with her parents and brother in 1993.

After running into Kate Wallis and her boyfriend, Jamie Henson, at the mall, Jeanette and her mates Mallory and Vince make a bucket list of things to do now that she is fifteen.

Jeanette encounters Skyline High’s new vice principal, Martin Harris while playing hide-and-seek in a house her father just owned. Leaving the fans wondering if Martin Harris has something to do with Kate’s disappearance.

After the disappearance of Kate for almost a year. Jeanette, now famous, is celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend, and her new friends who were once friends with Kate.

Jeanette learns after a nearly flawless day that Kate was found alive. She walks up to Jamie, who punched her in the face, and asks her what she did to Kate accusingly.

Jeanette was the most disdained female in the United States in 1995. Her birthday was spent in her lawyers’ reunion, fighting with her father and his new girlfriend.

In the second place Looking back on the headlines, it is revealed that Martin Harris, who was killed in police shots later, kidnapped Kate.

In a national interview, Kate announced that Jeanette had seen her in her kidnapping for a few months but had done nothing and let Kate continue to suffer in prison. Kate condemns Jeanette as she calls her by name.

Episode 2: “A Smashing Good Time”
Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?
Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?

Episode 2 of Cruel Summer aired on April 20, 2021. It showed from Kate’s perspective and made the fans question the actuality.

 Kate and her mother Joy ran into Jeanette and her mother Cindy in 1993. Joy is cruel, but Kate is kind to them.

Back home, Kate hears her stepfather Rod having a conversation and suspects he’s cheating on her mother. Kate tells Joy about the affair at her family’s annual party, but she thinks it’s a lie and completely ignores her.

Kate tries to catch Rod in the act but learns he was simply receiving help from the neighbor in planning a surprising voyage for Joy. She apologizes to her mother for jumping to conclusions, but she chastises her for making allegations and humiliating her.

Kate angrily rushes to the park in the midst of the confusion, where she becomes inebriated. She confesses to Scott, the gardener, that Joy hates her. When Scott comes home, Kate learns that her mother has been having an affair with him. She flees once more, this time being caught by Martin Harris.

After being found and rescued, she gets back together with Jamie and tells the police that Jeanette saw her during the abduction. Then, later on, she attempts to drown herself because of the questions her therapist and the police ask her. She gives evidence of Jeanette’s necklace found at the scene of the crime.

In 1995, Kate turns against her mother and makes decisions that reflect her hate for her mother. She then joins an online abducted victims community where she talks out to strangers unanimously by telling them what happened. While watching the news, Kate screams out loud that Scott called their lawyer because Jeanette sued her for defamation.

Episode 3: “Off with a Bang”
Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?
Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?

The events of July 4, 1993, 1994, and 1995 compare. When Jeanette flushes Mallory’s stash of joints in 1993, Mallory is outraged.

Cindy advises Jeanette to keep her distance, remembering her own fame in high school. Jeanette steals a yearbook from Martin Harris’ house as an apology present for Mallory.

Greg and Derek confront Jamie in 1994 after he punches Jeanette. When the police ask Jeanette, she is taken aback when they show her her necklace. Cindy continues to have doubts about Jeanette.

Vince, on the other hand, catches up with Ben, whom he’s secretly dating. Jamie asks Jeanette to keep their kiss private and wonders if she learned Kate had gone missing before the rest of the group.

When Kate and Jeanette collide while driving in 1995, Kate becomes enraged and threatens Jeanette, but Jeanette speeds away. Jeanette imitates reality programmes to learn how to be likeable and ignores Cindy’s calls.

During the fireworks, Jeanette breaks into Martin’s house, and finds Vince. They have a heart-to-heart and Jeanette admits she’s been to Martin’s house many times. Vince later lies to Jeanette’s lawyers, saying he doesn’t know if she ever went back to Martin’s house.

When will the rest of the episode air and where can you stream it? 

Season 1 is still going on, and according to reliable sources, the dates of the remaining episodes are out.

Cruel Summer is a television series that can only be seen on the Freeform channel, which is only open to cable subscribers. You can search it using the channel finder on your provider’s website.

If you’re not a huge fan of cable but still want to see the show, this is your lucky day because fuboTV is offering a free trial where you can watch the show. This being said, Freeform and fuboTV are only available in a few countries; however, there are plenty of websites that stream nearly all of the online platform movies and shows in high quality. 

Here are the few sites to watch it online,

  1. Hulu (Paid subscription). 
  2. Fastzer (Free). 
  3. 123movies (Free). 
  4. Fmovies (Free).

Movies and TV shows more like this?

Is Cruel Summer a movie or series?
Best thriller movies and shows

There are few heart-pounding thrillers out there that’s the same level as Cruel Summer. 

  1. Night Crawler (2014).
  2. A Few Good Men (1992). 
  3. Maze Runner (2014).
  4. The Devil All the Time (2020). 
  5. Demolition (2015). 
  6. House of Wax (2005). 
  7. Donnie Darko (2001).
  8. Drive (2011). 
  9. The Place Beyond the Pines (2013).
  10.  Stranger Things (Season 1-3).
  11.  Riverdale (Season 1-5).
  12.  House MD (Season 1-8). 
  13.  Sherlock (Season 1-4). 
  14.  The Mist (Season 1). 
  15.  I’m Not Okay with This (Season 1).
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