Dating At Young Age


Dating used to be a thing for adults in the past decade, however, nowadays things are different. Teenagers are the fondest of dating as these years are quite hormonal which leads to the choosing of this path. Teenage years are the most important and yet most confusing time of one’s life. These are the years we go through phenomenal body changes which are really confusing.

At the same time hormone levels are pumped up which confuses our behavior. We go through many changes in these years. However, due to newly discovered body changes, we often start experimenting with it. A curious mind does not let us focus on other things. Teenagers these days have access to the Internet, which makes it quite easy for them to exactly find out what changes are happening and why they are happening, which further leads them to experiment with it.

In Teenage years, hormones start to have effects on our body which leads to generating certain feelings for the opposite gender or the same gender, depending on the hormonal growth.  These feelings are hard to hide and too much to ignore. Teenagers nowadays are very open to the idea of dating which is often quite misunderstood by them.

Even remembering my own teenage years, I had a whole different concept of dating and love in those days than what I understand now. So, it is safe to say that teenage years’ love and dating concepts are far apart from what the true essence of those things is. Teenage dating is primarily started on the basis of hormonal confusion and a lot of mixed feelings, however, this kind of love is an innocent one and it would be inhuman to deny them these feelings.

However, in the pursuit of this innocent love and mixture of other feelings, we often do stupid mistakes which are at times damaging. For example, in the mixture of these many feelings, some teenagers rush to explore each other sexually, however, due to improper knowledge and lack of guidance they can make horrible mistakes during it which can have a lifetime impact on their lives. Teenage pregnancies have been a problem that has been around for many years now due to such things only.

To tackle such a complicated problem, this responsibility mainly falls on parents and teachers. Teenage love is important as it is a part of life that is meant to be lived. So, one can not deny the children these connections, however proper guidance and letting them get together in a protective environment is also just as important.

Parents need to have a talk with their kids when such confusing years start in one’s life, however, these kinds of things are still considered taboo in our country which needs to be changed. Teenagers are dating whether parents allow it or not, however, it is time for parents to acknowledge this fact and properly guide the children throughout it.