Distraction or Improvisation – Your Choice


Improvisation is a never-ending path and distractions are the diversions in the never-ending path which diverts to an ending path. Improvisation needs consistent efforts to be on the path of mastery and to become addicted to improving. An addiction to distraction doesn’t need any efforts, it just comes on your way whenever you leave a hole in our boat of improvisation. The focus on improvisation should be so strong that distraction shouldn’t get any chance for peeping inside your head.

Human Being Evolution
Evolution of Human Being

It is human behaviour to do something new every day otherwise it feels the boredom. People always try to do something new to get their mind refreshed whether they just read some pages of a book or just have a few minutes of conversation with their friends but everyone wants a refreshment in their whole day after their working hours in any form. In today’s world with every minute the technology is growing so people working in the hi-tech companies need to update themselves with every update in technologies because of which people can’t manage their times for themselves but everyone’s mind needs refreshments so people are engaging themselves with the social media for getting refreshment.

Social media is in their hands reach so people make a habit of looking to the notifications very frequently which they think is giving them a break from their work is actually distracting them from their work which results in less efficient work. An addiction to distraction is forcing your creativity to die. People have started making these social media as their lifelines that is building a huge gap among humans. The new technologies and social media are not only eroding the Everest of our glorious production potential but it is training us to become less human. Refreshment is a necessity of a human’s mind so provide it with the things which work as two-in-one refreshments which provide refreshments along with a flower in mind which needs some work, efforts and discovery to grow-up as a fruit which will provide you with a tasty juice.

Nowadays, people have developed a misconception in their mind that their lives are very busy and they don’t have time for themselves but the real fact is their work is only taking maximum of 70% of their day time and they have 30% of their time which can be utilised in the way they want. Most of the people are spending 30% of their time on social media or in surfing till late nights and sleeping up too late in the morning but everyone has an excuse that they are very busy, being busy doesn’t mean you are being productive.

Our precious concentration has been stolen by this foolish technology because people have forgotten that they are the creator of the technology so they should be controlling the use of technology but the opposite is happening with most of the peoples, they are being controlled by the technology and this is costing them their chance to create their best work and calibrate their finest lives. Many people having a potential of doing outstanding works are suffering from a lack of focus because they have filled their lives with technology.

People are trying to manage their times but they are not understanding that there is no problem with time, the problem is with their focus which should be managed. People should understand that when we will try to move on, our brain will always resist getting out of the comfort zone, it will feel insecure about moving on a new path and once you become aware of this fact, you will be able to manage the self-destructive behaviour. Always remember, inventor of TV will never ask his children to watch it.

“Make the Boat of your Improvisation so Strong so that the Water of Distraction dare not to enter your Boat.”