Emotions, Can Be Controlled?


Life is colourful with emotions. Emotions are like colours, some colours provide relaxation to eyes and keep our mind at peace, some colours provide an energetic spark in our mind which leads to an active and enthusiastic body, and some colours are there which gives pain in our eyes if we keep looking continuously at them for sometimes. Emotions give life to our brain.

All the animals living on this planet are working and living with emotions. Everyone can feel pain, happiness, sadness, irritation, love, care, which is being sent to him or her by the other living being. We all make our decisions based on our emotions, our decisions are mostly influenced by our emotions. Our state of mind depends on our current emotions, our emotions direct the way we think and that determines our state of mind. The environment around us and our upbringing influence our emotions because it becomes our base of thinking and perceiving things. Some peoples are impulsive, they react to the situations immediately, some react to the situations after thinking about the pros and cons of their reaction, some are there who don’t react to the situation, and there are also some who only react to the matters related to them, they don’t bother about others. Each and every one of us has a different way of thinking because every one of us has a unique existence, no one can become someone else.

Emotions can’t be controlled is a belief of almost every one of us, it is not completely true but partially true. A person who always takes decisions based on reality and never considers the emotion in his decisions is mostly called as an emotionless person, sometimes called as a practical person and the person who always takes decisions by getting influenced by his emotions is called an emotional fool. At some situation, there is no need to stop our emotions to come out but, in some situation, it is better to keep our emotions inside us. At some point in time in our lives, we all regret giving an instant reaction to something. A person who is neither emotionless nor emotional fool is the one who knows how to balance his emotion between the outer and inner world.

We, human beings are called social animals because we have our thinking power which we use to make the right decisions but animals don’t have the intellect to choose between the right and wrong, therefore they just perform the basic jobs for survival, they don’t run to do various jobs, they find their prey or food for the day, drink water, and built their homes or find a place to live that’s all they do, they don’t stress about next day, they always live in the present day and take stress for today’s survival but humans always stress for their future, it is not wrong but not totally right. A person who is always regretting his past and chasing his future is always stressed and frustrated because he won’t have any moment to enjoy as past is gone he can’t live that, future is yet to come, and the present where he can live and enjoy, he is not bothered about it and again in upcoming days he will regret not for living this day, as a past day.

When a song is played and you try controlling your dancing mind and happiness to come your way, you are doing wrong with yourself when a song is playing just be yourself and go with the flow of your emotions, when you are excited about something and want to sing out your heart just sing it out. People nowadays control their emotions just because they think about others, what others will think about them, they don’t dance their heart out because they don’t want others to judge their non-professional dance. People think before going with the flows of emotions when it comes to their happiness but they never give a thought before living between their past and future, which is killing their happiness and making them frustrated and stressed with each passing day. 

Emotions can’t be controlled and they don’t need to be controlled, they just need to be guided and diverted in a way which leads you to a life where you live to your fullest. Every emotion is necessary for one’s life, love, care, sorrow and even anger is necessary for living a life full of colours. Thinking about the past and future is also necessary to keep moving on but the condition is it should be the way to welcome the happiness not the one killing your happiness. 

“Emotions are the Colours of Life, use it to make your Life Colourful not to Fade your Life.”


  1. Nicely explained, emotions can,t be controlled but any our emotion giving negative impact to others(let that person may be right or wrong) have to be managed. negative emotions can also be utilised creating good thing and objects