Expressions -An effective way of communication

The expression is a language of signs which can only be decode with mutual understanding. No one can ever teach you this language of signs. The expression is a priceless way of communication, it shows your closeness and mutual understanding. Expressions are best explain in the old-time movies. For one, expressions play a role of coriander garnished on a delicious dish.

Expressions are the hidden feelings of a person which can’t be explain in words. A person can speak his heart out but he can’t ever meet the tune of his mind. While having deep conversations and here expressions come in the role, expressions fill in the gap between the words coming out and the tune of mind speaking. Expressions can’t be easily caught, it needs attention, willingness, and above all, it needs a mutual understanding.

Expressions have different forms, expression of friendship, love, care, attitude, rudeness, and many more. A person can modify his words according to the situation and against his real thoughts. But he or she cannot lie on all their expressions. Your expressions get reflected somehow on your face or in your body language. No one can have whole control of his expressions that’s why they are called pure words of mind. 

With passing time everything and everyone changes. But if the feelings are true and relations are strong, even meeting after many years won’t change your expressions of closeness and comfort. Today, people have started neglecting or ignoring the expressions of kindness and helping hand. When we see a child on the traffic signal selling something, we put on our car’s window panel or push them away. We treat them as slaves or untouched peoples and ignore them. They sell these things with a minimal price which we can easily afford it and it won’t shake our bank balance. We spend that much amount nearly on daily basis on some things which are not necessary. But when someone needy comes in front of our eyes we pretend that they don’t even exist or they are some unwanted peoples trying to irritate us.

If we will buy at least one thing from them, it won’t affect us at all. But it will surely give them a portion of food for one time a day. Today, most of us have lost the expression of living together. We prefer living in a single-family rather than living in a join family. we meet our relatives on big functions and occasions otherwise we don’t have time. We have forgotten the expression sharing and started living in the expression of privacy.

Expressions cost nothing but they are priceless. Your words are unable to heal someone but your true expressions will definitely give healing power to the other person. If you are entering a lift, it will cost you nothing to give a smile to the liftman rather than having a frowning and irritated expressions on your face. Your smile won’t give him any amount of money neither it will reduce his working hours. It will surely give him a nice and happy state of mind whole day.

Just think a liftman works the whole day in a lift and spend his whole day looking at people entering the lift. Most of them with the stress of work, frowning and frustrating expressions on their face. These expressions affect his unconscious mind and results in frustration and irritation in his mind. One smile of yours can give him a happy moment and it will also relax you.

You can make a tired person sitting next to you in a bus, a sweeper sweeping the floors of your building, conductor in the bus, a colleague working with you in your office, a student studying in your school or college, happy just by giving a warming smile. Enter your home with an expression of happiness. You will see a much wider smile on the face of your mother welcoming you. 

Expressions are more powerful than your words, one can’t express all your feelings in words. If you will write a message to another person with some emotions , the reader can read it with different emotion and tone. Which can lead to misunderstanding between the two because expressions of reading have the power to change the meaning of the message. Expressions are very important in conversations. That’s why meeting a person gives you a very warm and feeling of closeness than talking to the same person on a phone call or message. Expressions have the Power to tell you the Secret of one’s Heart. It also has the Power to Change the Vibration of the Environment around you. 

“Words convey your message but Expressions give Life to the message.”

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