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Extroverts vs Introverts

Introduction to Extroverts

When I think about the words introvert and extrovert, I think about the ways in which people relate to themselves, and the world around them” Chelsea Connors. Board Certified Coach and therapist said. The extroverts and introverts belong to same society. Even the same friend circles has people. That are either extroverts and some of them are introverts. The biggest difference between the two kind is in how each prefers to spend their time. Many people confuse introversion as shyness . But the two aren’t linked. Introversion is a personality type. While shyness is an emotion. It’s difficult to figure whether a person is extrovert or an introvert by a single glance. However, by spending enough time with a person. We may get the idea about the personality of the person. 

Every human being has traces of both traits but one trait is dominant, varying from one person to another. Both traits, introversion and extroversion have their own qualities . Which makes them distinct and different from each other. Both of theses has its own pros and cons.


What are the qualities of Introverts?

Introverts are just the normal people in society. They tend to enjoy spending time on their own. An introvert prefers ‘Netflix and Chill’ at home alone instead of hanging out in a movie theatre with friends in huge groups. An important thing is introverts.  Just don’t like to be in the spotlight. They would rather have One-on-one conversations with people. Then to speak up in public in front of peers. Then They just feel so comfortable being all by themselves and probably won’t get bored also. 

So They are also very self-aware about themselves. As They don’t like working in a group of people. Where they would have to interact more. It doesn’t suit their comfort zones. Due to it They might feel lost when working in a group. And hence they have very few friends whom they talk to. But they are very close to people. Whom they decide to open to and are comfortable with. These few people are the only ones with whom. They can hold a conversation and carry on smoothly. But without being uncomfortable. Some introverts also prefer texting rather than calling and talking with a person.

What are the qualities of Extroverts?

On the other hand, extroverts are socially outward and outgoing people. Persons like extroverts are very enthusiastic about the idea of being surrounded by people. This kind of person enjoys their company a lot. They are basically complete opposites of introverts. An extrovert prefers hanging out with a bunch of friends.  Or people rather than being all alone by themselves. When given a chance, an extrovert will talk with someone else. Rather than sit alone and think. One of their qualities is working with a team of people effortlessly. Without being uncomfortable and feeling out of place. They have a huge group of friends. They can naturally make friends everywhere they go. Extroverts also don’t mind speaking out about their opinions. They have thoughts in front of a bunch of people. 

One of the qualities of extroverts I admire a lot is that they aren’t afraid of risk. They enjoy adventures. They are more than willing to take risks to accomplish a task. Extroverts don’t like thinking much about a particular thing. They will tend to act first before giving it a lot of thought. Unlike introverts, Extroverts enjoy being in the spotlight or center of attention. Extroverts also tend to have naturally in-built leadership qualities in them.

Some Limitations of being extrovert/introvert

Being an extrovert or an introvert isn’t something to be ashamed of or something to feel guilty about. There are situations when a certain someone might be a highly extroverted person. Suddenly due to certain experiences in life. It may turn quiet and introverted. As I said earlier, every trait has its cons. 

An introvert prefers to spend their quality time with only a few close people. They weren’t popular or well-known among the peers. And thus, introverts are always overlooked. They ignored by other people around them. They have a difficult time speaking up about their opinions and thus lack confidence. 

 This doesn’t imply that being an extrovert is a better way of living life. As extrovert prefers being with people. They often get used to it and they find it difficult to spend their time alone. There are few people who are highly extroverted which may sometimes annoy people. Extroverts may not know when it is time to shut up.

Understanding them a little better

Daydreaming and imagining things is one the way introverts use to sort out the problems. They face or to cope up with them. Their train of thoughts never leave their minds at rest and they are constantly pondering about the things in the past or may happen in near future. This may sometimes lead to their insecurities as most of their thoughts might be about self-criticism. 

Whereas, extroverts are always confident about themselves. Having extroverts in the group is the main reason there will be always laughter among them. Being around them doesn’t leave any room for awkwardness, as we can just laugh it off easily.

Ambiverts- Perfect balance between introverts and extroverts

There is another trait called ‘ambivert’ which is a balance between extrovert and introvert. An ambivert is someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion, can flip into either one depending on their mood and the situation they face. An ambivert can be called a social or outgoing introvert. Ambivert is people who won’t feel uncomfortable around a bunch of people as well as they know how to enjoy their alone time. They can hold a conversation with people very smoothly but after some time they might get distracted and feel bored. They don’t mind being the center of attraction but this attention for a long time may be out of their likings. People always confuse ambiverts as either highly social or quiet. 

Being an ambivert is a perfect balance between introvert and extrovert, not too awkward nor too annoying. They are good communicators as well as listeners. They won’t talk more unlike extroverts as well as won’t be quiet the whole conversation. They can adjust according to the situation they are in and regulate their behavior very well. But it sometimes might be tiring keeping balance on both sides.


It doesn’t matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert if you stay true to yourself and are content with how you are. Due to the quiet nature of introverts, they are often seen as weak or fragile, which doesn’t make any sense. This world has multiple people with varying personalities and we should respect each of them. Bullying an introvert won’t make you a strong individual or won’t prove anything. It will only show how inhumane one can be.

 An introvert can always overcome the discomfort and get used to people if he tries or if the situation forces him to. The same goes with extroverts, their outgoing personalities don’t always imply they are constantly happy. It can also mean they pretend to smile so their loved ones won’t worry about them. And being extroverted won’t always make you popular if you don’t respect and are well-mannered enough. 

These traits are just one part of their personalities and don’t totally define their nature. Although these both traits are opposite of each other the individuals bearing them can be great friends to one another.

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