Eye Protection


In present times, most of the people are facing problems related to their eyes like eye strain, headache and all and thus eye protection is very important these days. The main reason for this kind of pain is the screen time on their electronic gadgets. As we all know, these electronic gadgets produce blue rays which are very harmful for our eyes and is also related to sleep disorder and depletion of our eyesight.

Now, we can see that even very young people are facing eye problems and from a very tender age they are made to wear spectacles and thus they become medically unfit for Defense but it’s not a big issue if they want to pursue their career in civil background.

Presently, most of the gadgets at least do not release UV rays, but some years back these gadgets use to also release these harmful rays, thus it was very important to maintain our screen time in those days and we are lucky that presently these UV rays are not released by these electronic gadgets. Instead they release the blue rays from the VIBGYOR segment and these rays are considered to be harmful because they are very powerful and enter our eyes and affect the back of our eyes, which consists of cornea and other sensitive parts. Thus slowly and steadily our eyesight becomes poor, as this issue is being widely seen now in most of youngsters and in aged people too.

So what are the ways to prevent these kinds of problems. As of now, there are two ways by which we can prevent these problems, first one is by limiting our screen time to say 4-5 hours to the maximum.
But this is not possible for everyone, because we have to do lots of tasks on these electronic gadgets only, like for students their online studies and for corporate people their assignments. So one very good way is to buy an eye protective glasses i.e. Blue ray eye protection glass. These are going to help you a lot by not letting the harmful rays enter into your eyes and will protect it very well.

There are lot of these glasses available in the market and online. You can purchase it from anywhere you wish and they are pretty cheap, only starting from about Rs 650/- and beyond and this can be one of the best investment that you can do for your eyes.

Now coming on to these glasses there are lot of good frames and lenses available from which you can choose. I would say for your eye protection, do purchase the blue cut lenses. These are the best out there and a lot of frames are there like acetate, plastic, rubber material etc from which you can choose the one which suits you as per your budget and comfort.

One more way to protect your eyes is to do exercise and do go out once in a while as this really relaxes your eye muscles.

At last I would only say that each one of us love our eyes and we don’t want to hurt it in any way. So please take these precautions as per mentioned by me and these would really help you a lot in your long run.
So till then all the very best!!