Sex and sexuality are topics that we all choose to dismiss and have been doing so for a long time now. Sexuality should not be a forbidden topic. Everyone should have a basic understanding of what sexuality is.

We have Loopholes in our societal ways and it is our responsibility to ACT. It is seen as a disgrace and a shameful topic and instead of exploring these complicated topics most of us choose to bury these topics and try to limit our discussions about sex , and other such related matters, in fact we tend to eye those who try to let out  their thoughts and discuss and debate this issue . It is a serious, psychological and biological issue that needs to be explored.

 A Sexual script tell us about what, where, when, how and why of sexual behavior occurs. They depict the sequence in which behavior are expected to occur with sexual interactions. Individuals should be able to improvise and express their own personalities and preferences while still adhering to guidelines provided to us by this script but due to our societal boundaries, we choose to have bare minimum knowledge about them. Even though we have progressed a lot in time, we dismiss these topics instinctively. Even in times like these where we are “open- minded”, most of us had our first conversation about sex with our friends while some others did not even get the opportunity to do that. As a matter of fact, we had our misconceptions about sex as we never had our elders actually explain to us what we all should know as we grew up, but even now parents and other elders in families never have “such” conversations with their younger generations. Now is the time to thank the internet for removing the misconceptions that should have been removed by the elders that surround us. This hesitation is the major reason as to why most teenagers look to OTHER SOURCES for knowledge. We cannot exactly blame just some people for this hesitation because it is almost as if this is gift that most of us are given in this society, and we continue to bear this gift with us for the rest of our lives .While we all emphasize on the need of sex education , we lack the basic knowledge of our on bodies . In modern times, masturbation is a topic discussed more openly than before, yet in our society we can easily say that such a topic is more often than not seen as a forbidden topic. 23 per cent males and 42 per cent females refused to respond to questions on masturbation suggesting the shame attached to the act. 56 per cent males masturbate, the corresponding figure for females is only 25 per cent which basically implies that both the females and males choose to dismiss this topic yet Masturbation, expectedly, is fairly widespread among males (56 per cent) but not so with females where it is a low 25 per cent. There’s also a significant number that refused to respond on the matter. which reflects the non-acceptance of the act.

My basic aim of writing this was only to explain to everyone that we need to stop disgracing such matters so that we can all gain clarity in our minds and also in the minds of others , more specifically with the people who surround us so that we can all stop joking about such matters and instead learn how to respect each other in every way possible , so that we are comfortable with expressing our thoughts and opinions  on specific matters instead of criticizing the people who choose to explore . These matters should be discussed more openly and not be shut out and seen as a disrespect to anyone`s opinions and beliefs.

  • Sakshi Gupta