If you are seeking the answer to “Causes of Global Warming ”? then you have landed the right place. here I will explain Causes of Global Warming in detail. 

Global Warming is the unusual rise in earth’s average surface temperature. Over the past years and centuries due to greenhouse gases released by doing multiple activities by Human beings that cause harm to the planet.

Causes of Global Warming


Global Warming is a Debatable topic. Is it affecting our mother nature, or us? What are its causes?

These are some of the few questions that come into our mind when we talk about Global Warming. Global Warming is one of the most important issues that need to be discussed off lately.

It is the unusual rise in earth’s average surface temperature. Over the past years and centuries due to greenhouse gases released by doing multiple activities by Human beings that cause harm to the planet.

Sea levels are rising day by day, forests are dying due to human activities and glaciers are melting. Causing Disturbance in Mother nature. We have released so much heat trapped gases that it is affecting our mother nature.

Over the past few years, the temperature of Earth has increased so much in history.

Well, Global Warming and Climate change are considered to be similar but they are not. Climate change is not only due to a rise in temperature but due to a rapid downfall in wildlife population and other impacts.

On the other hand, humans are burning coal, fossil fuels, oil, etc. Carbon dioxide releases from them. Which gets trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere and creating imbalance in nature causing multiple damages to the planet.

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants in the atmosphere collect sunlight which would have bounced off the Earth’s surface.

These radiations could escape into space. The pollutants remain in the atmosphere for years. It causes the planet to get hotter with heat trapped.

Causes of Global Warming

There is no hidden secret as to why the global temperature is rising so much. It causes several factors that may affect the planet. Global Warming can be very serious.

Some of the very harmful gases which are the main causes of Global warming are Carbon dioxide. They are emitted by the burning of fossil fuels used for generation of electricity.

Methane obtained from rice paddies, manufacturing of fossil fuels, etc. Nitrous Oxide is the main sources which include nylon and nitric acid production. The use of fertilizers in agriculture, and burning of organic matter.

Not only these gases but some of the other causes of global warming are:

Causes of Global Warming

Burning of Fossil Fuels

The burning of fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal in order to generate electricity. It leads to the release of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

Which is used to generate electricity. The main reasons for the emission of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

The increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide is due to the increase in the population. Also, the rapid increase in the consumption of fossil fuels.

Today, many cars burn gasoline. Thermal power plants where coal and oil are burned. which results in the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Deforestation is the process of cutting down trees and forests for residence and industrialization.

Trees play a vital role in the regulation of climate change. They absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and releases oxygen (O2) which human beings breathe to stay alive.

Many factors are causing depletion in forest and wildlife. Because of which the concentration of carbon dioxide is increasing at a much faster pace.

Deforestation is cutting down of trees which causes an increase in the carbon level. When forests are either burn, or cut down. They cause negative effects. Carbon converts into carbon dioxide and other gases like methane.

We, humans, are clearing a large area of forest for either farming or creating infrastructure and selling trees and its remains as timber and palm oil.


The growing population is yet another cause of an increase in Global Warming.

As we humans breathe out carbon dioxide which contributes to the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which in turn contributes to global warming.

Overpopulation can lead to an increase in the demand for food, shelter, and other basic enmities which would lead to depletion of forests to create urban infrastructure for their living.

An increase in population is causing serious danger and disturbing the balance in the natural ecosystem creating an imbalance.

While normal increase in population is fine. Overpopulation can lead to overuse of natural resources and cause their depletion.

Effects of Global Warming

The rise in Sea level

Sea levels are rising because of the heat generated due to high rise in the level of CO2 which absorbs by the oceans causing seawater to expand which leads to the rise in sea level.

Rise in the sea level when added with other factors such as a strong flow of winds results in increased coastal erosion causing disruption in buildings, infrastructure which is near to the coastal area.

The warming of oceans leads to strong storms and a reduction in sea ice formation which leads to erosion of coastlines.

The melting of ice further flows faster and discharges into the oceans eroding the marine ice sheets.

Melting of Glaciers

Glaciers store water which flows ultimately flows into the river providing the human population with water, food, transport, and other facilities.

They store less water but melt more effectively so water may not be available for humans to expand its population in the future.

Global Warming leads to the ice sheets to melt resulting in rivers to flow on the surface. Due to buildings, infrastructures on frozen lands are at risk.

Also, the transports, infrastructure is at risk. It is likely to cause damage to the environment.

Change in Climate

Change in climate is leading to a change in the temperature with high and low degrees than usual.

Droughts that are affecting the farmland and the habitats due to the reduction of rainfall, now rainfall has to be very high or very less in many places with hailstones.

Evaporation is yet another reason for a change in climate it increases the evaporation of water from soil and oceans which is in turn causing the troposphere to get warm and hold water in the form of vapor.

Cyclones and Tornados are reportedly affecting more than usual. They are very destructive and their strength is increased because of the rise in sea surface temperature.

Global Warming is one such cause that is making them happen more frequently than usual and more destructive.

Causes of Global Warming

Prevention of Global Warming?

Well, there are no. of things which could be done. In order to stop the emission of harmful gases such as Carbon dioxide and others.

The simple goal is to find better alternatives for them so that our planet could be saved and we could save our natural resources:

  • One such thing is Creating Awareness which can be considered a very effective way. Most people don’t know the consequence of their activity. You can have a healthy discussion with our friends and family.
  • One can also create awareness through Social Media. You can also create awareness of power generation through wind or solar energy.
  • We can try to save water which reduces carbon pollution as well. It takes a lot of energy to pump and treat water.
  • You can take shorter showers or use a bucket instead. Turn off the tap when it is not in use.
  • You can use better bulbs such as LED bulbs which use up to 80% less energy than regular bulbs and can choose to drive cars that save fuel and money.
  • You can choose to take public transport or carpool. This way you can reduce carbon dioxide and save money, as well as petrol and diesel. They are a major source of carbon emission.
  • You can also recycle plastic bottles, paper, etc. and opt for paper bags and steel bottles.
  • Also, put a stop to the burning of dry leaves or burning garbage and plastics and tires would also lead to a decrease in carbon emission.
  • Moreover, the practice of Afforestation should be supported which is planting trees and plants which would absorb carbon dioxide in the environment and emit out oxygen.

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