Everyone wants themselves to be very alert and focused at the beginning of a day as this would highly effect their mental health and help them to perform better throughout the day with a healthy and good sleep at night. You would have also seen that many of your friends or colleagues are full of energy in the office or school/college and you also wish to be like them. There are many ways to be like them but one of the best and proven way is to get good sleep the previous night. You should have good sleeping habits as there are a lot of health benefits of good sleep and it helps you in your long run too.

Our ancestors believed that having a good sleeping schedule would help us to prevent any kind of unwanted diseases and researchers have also agreed to it and advised everyone to sleep for at least seven hours at a stretch, as this would help their body to relax well. But in our present bustling schedules, it is not possible for many of us to maintain this because we have a lot of errands to be done and are really busy with our tasks sometimes. There are a lot of projects to be completed and sometimes entertainment is also important. There are various reasons for many of us to not maintain a good sleep pattern but you should try to maintain it no matter what, because it really will help you to stay active and perform better at work. In fact it is also proved that good sleep at night is also related to good mental health, thinking power and innovative ideas too. One important point to be noted is that a regular, balanced and constant sleeping time and schedule should be maintained. Nine hours of sleep on one day and five hours on the other should be prevented as it may lead to imbalances in your routine. You should also focus on sleeping and getting up at the same time every day. This really helps your body clock to synchronize very well with your body. It is also said that exercising every day also makes falling asleep easier and so one should try to exercise every day as it has a lot of health benefits. Likewise now you would have understood that proper sleep is also as important as having a balanced diet and doing exercises, so please treasure it and it will benefit you a lot. It is recommended to get at least seven-nine hours of sleep per day for a better and healthy body and to ensure that all the lights in your room are turned off when you go to sleep because it is important to sleep in a pitch dark room. Now let me also warn you about certain side-effects of not getting a proper sleep so as to make you aware of it. Not getting the right amount of sleep may lead to dark circles on the skin under your eyes and believe me it doesn’t look good and your beauty gets lost. It is found that good sleep is also related to hair fall, and you feel irritated most of the times and are able to focus at your errands properly for a constant time period. So I hope I have made you understand the harm of not getting good sleep at night. So what are you waiting for? Go and get a good sound sleep. Bye!!