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Are you a Potterhead? In case you are not I’m sure you came across one of the Harry Potter movies. On days, I just wonder how it is even possible to write that plot? Look at The game of Thrones, for instance, the plot was so bad that you can’t call yourself a GOT fan. You can if you want to be mocked, but that’s your choice. So back to Harry Potter, you see a snake, and it’s a snake I see a snake, and it’s Slytherin. Potterheads are these amazing creatures who have this amazing imaginary world created by them, for them, unlike our democracy. Can you even blame them? That world is beautiful with flying broomsticks and amazing butterbeer. We might be way past the 11 years Hogwarts letter age, but in our heads, we are going to get it one day. 


With long castles and a spell for everything, can it get better? As a kid, we grew up loving the Disney World, and as an adult, we realized that it taught us all the wrong things. Disney was probably the first screaming patriarchy, with all the princes coming to the rescue. On the other side, look at Harry Potter how they portrayed characters like Hermione, who was truly the most intelligent.

Hermione broke the stereotypes, broke the Disney World. If you ask me, Hermione is the only reason Harry could win, Harry had protection and a legacy. Hermione created her own legacy. Not only is Harry Potter amazing, but the theories which come along will also blow one’s mind. You watch it, you read it and each time there is something new and you wonder how could you miss it. Each time you come across a new theory by a Potterhead, you start considering and find inner peace. 


Once you start enjoying Harry Potter there is no going back you will keep digging. One might come across different theories, my favorite being that JK Rowling is Rita Skeeter. It’s my favorite because it means Hogwarts exists somewhere out there and my acceptance letter is just going to come. On the other hand, I think that it’s not possible to write such a beautiful story, it has to be true. The other theory states that Crookshanks, who was Hermione’s cat, was initially Lily and James Potter’s cat. If you think about it, it all makes sense. How can it recognize Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black? Plus from the books, we also know Lily and James had a cat. It just makes me happy in a hasty manner, that at least Harry had its cat. 


We also come across some really dark theories. Some dark theory states that Harry is immortal, it might make you happy but if you think it’s dark. If Harry is immortal, that means there will come a time when his loved ones leave, his kids will die in his own arms. The theory comes from the prophecy that neither can live while the other survives. As Voldemort is dead, there is nothing that can kill Harry. Another theory states that Dementors had a harsh reaction to Harry because he had Voldemort’s soul. As a Dementor who wouldn’t want two souls in one body. A double win for a Dementor. These are little happy theories, but you might come across some terrible ones too. Harry Potter taught us to look eye to eye to the problem rather than show only the bright shimmery side.


You see people arguing all the time,  whether the book is better or a movie. But think like that, you cannot compress everything in a movie. That might not be big things, but once you are truly a fan, those small things matter. You want to know every single thing. Did you know Professor Lupin and Tonks had a baby? Did you know that Harry was chosen the godfather of that baby? Also, Neville didn’t find the gilly weeds that help Harry swim in Goblet of fire, it was Dobby the free elf. Movies didn’t show how amazing Dobby was or how all Kreacher desired was love. You find that Draco was just a boy. We didn’t learn much about Nymphadora Tonks and her grieving about Sirius or how with Lupin’s love she changed her patronus.

Apart from all the excruciating details, what I really felt went wrong was Ginny Weasley’s character development. In movies, you see Harry chasing Cho Chang, and then out of nowhere, there is Ginny. You wonder how this happened out of nowhere. If you just saw the movie, you might find Harry a better match. But in books, you see how Ginny developed from a kid who took orders from a diary to a smart intelligent woman. You see her love for Harry and how it develops. In books, you see Harry sacrifice his love just to keep Ginny safe. Then there are these little things, and little secrets you will find in the words. It’s extraordinary. There is goodness, there is love, there is magic. You name it and you will find it in the amazing Harry Potter journey. 


I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in goodness. Harry Potter taught me that. It taught me that love leaves a mark. It taught me how the people you love will always be there. Furthermore, It taught me friendship. On days, I just wonder about Sirius, and it hurts me that he couldn’t be there. I wanted him to be there. Then I think about his sacrifice, and there is this pure form of love.

Harry Potter might be just fiction, and our letter might never come, but it gave us too much already. We cannot complain. It taught us about how good teachers have a great impact and place in our life. With Snape, it taught us not to judge people, how all of us have a past, and how each day we are fighting with it. Some might show it, some might not. We have to understand. 


I have a theory too, it doesn’t make sense, but to me it does. I believe once you die you go to this magical place called Hogwarts if you are a good person. In case you are not, then Voldemort lost, there is no place for you at Hogwarts. I also believe people who commit suicide go to God, How boring? To all the students who are committing suicide each hour, please stop. You are not a burden, you are different, you have a place at Hogwarts. Just hang on a little longer. I know this place sucks, but it’s just an examination place, there is something bigger and better waiting for you. Harry Potter taught us how as a kid we have power and how happiness can be found in the darkest of night, only if one learns to turn on the light.


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