How doctor’s life affected with Covid-19?


Everyone around the globe considers doctors as fallen angels on earth who are there to resurrect people back to life. We know Covid-19’s time is still going on and everyone is fighting with this in their way and it’s been pretty hard for everyone but not as hard as it is for each doctor. They are out there fighting with corona virus and helping people and struggling with them with their every single breathe and trying their best to make it possible for their patients to live as there is no vaccine available. Yes, indeed even though everyone is having a hard time in this epidemic doctors are the ones who are having the worst. They are giving their all to help people who are infected but this makes them stay away from their house because they don’t want their family to get infected. Doctors are the ones who know the worst things that this virus can do to people because they are treating them and they are seeing every day what people are going through then also they are helping people by putting their lives and happiness in danger. Many are losing their lives too while treating them and many doctors are so merciful that they are flying to the other countries to rescue the infected people.

The problem of these soldiers not only ends here but they are facing much bigger ones. When they are going to infected people’s houses to rescue them so that they can admit these people in the hospital they have to face much bigger problems. Instead of respecting their bravery and generosity people are throwing stones at them and harming them so that they won’t be able to take infected people to the hospital. How weird is this someone is helping you so that they can cure your misery and these fools are opposing it? Not only they are throwing stones at them but also in some places in India they are peeing on them. The lives of doctors had been very hard in the last few months facing all these brutal activities of the people and not able to see their families and not able to cuddle them.

I have heard so many news in which doctors are living away from their families. They are many who are living in their cars because they fear if they caught virus their children will be affected too. Many are living in hotels away from their loved ones. Many are even dying who are getting infected by the virus while treating them. A 27-year-old doctor died because of the corona virus and now his family is grieving. What a harsh time for the family who lost their loved one? This is not only a case there are many others who are losing their lives just because they are putting others above theirs. 

After facing all these problems they are still devoted to their work and saving lives out there.

Thank you all doctors for your kindness.