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Immigrate to Canada as a Lawyer

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. As a highly developed country, Canada has the seventeenth-highest nominal per-capita income globally as well as the thirteenth-highest ranking in the Human Development Index. Its advanced economy is the tenth-largest in the world, as Canada relies chiefly upon its abundant natural resources and well-developed international trade networks. Canada is part of several major international and intergovernmental institutions or groupings. People immigrate to Canada for doing various jobs. Like for studying, becoming a lawyer, practicing any service, running the business etc.

The National Flag of Canada

Canada is one of the top countries in the world. People enjoy working and living here. Canada attracts immigrants from all over the world. There are various other reasons that why people often immigrate to Canada and especially for work purposes.

  • Canada is popular for its best health and educational facilities offered in the world.
  • Job opportunities provided here are high in number. The country provides numerous jobs to skilled and qualified immigrants.

Legal sector professionals, people working in the finance sector, running businesses, involved in a medical profession, etc have the right to immigrate to Canada.

5 Reasons to Apply for Canada Immigration - Canada Immigration and Visa  Information. Canadian Immigration Services and Free Online Evaluation.

To immigrate to Canada as a lawyer:

There are various ways to immigrate to Canada as a lawyer, such as

  • Receiving sponsorship from a spouse
  • Or receiving sponsorship from a relative who has permanent residency in Canada 
  • Or receiving sponsorship from a Canadian citizen.

Before a person can practice legal services or law in Canada, he/she will need to evaluate their current qualifications and then apply through the authority, which is the National Committee on Accreditation. This committee works in cohesion with the national lawyers association. For the conversion, the particular candidate who is practicing law will have to write the Canadian Bar Exam.  Eligibility criteria are people who are successfully able to crack the bar exam only they will be able to allowed to practice in provinces and territories.

Moving to Canada as a lawyer is slightly more involved than other professions like business, trading, finance sector, or management due to its high levels of qualifications. And that certain Canadian Legal Criteria may be different from that of the country that you are currently practicing in.

Lawyers intending to immigrate to Canada will need to have their current qualifications evaluated. As well as apply for conversion through the appropriate authority.

Converting Qualifications:

Converting credentials is a major requirement. An interested candidate must covert their credentials. Every lawyer in favor of practicing law must convert their qualifications.

All candidates must pass the Canadian bar exam. They are expected to complete an assignment/assessment to indicate that a lawyer is eligible for employment. Applicants can apply at any given time. This is regarding a separate immigration process.

All candidates are required to submit the following documents online:

  • Academic transcripts.
  • Certificates of membership from local authorities.
  • Transcripts from local regulatory authorities with results from exams or other courses.
  • IELTS score of 7 if the experience was in a language other than French or English.

Canadian immigration:

2 main categories are:

  1. Permanent residence
  2. Temporary residence.
Permanent Residence in Canada:

A permanent resident is the one who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada but is not a Canadian citizen from the very beginning. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries. A person in Canada temporarily, like a student who is studying in the country or foreigner working, is not a permanent resident.

  • Express Entry Program: The Express Entry system was implemented in 2015. The Canadian Immigration Program that allows skilled immigrants to live and work in Canada, and become a permanent resident. Those eligible for certain federal economic immigration programs may be selected.​ Selected candidates are eligible for certain federal economic immigration programs.

Candidates are required to create an online Express Entry profile and select the program they would like to apply through. Profiles are then checked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which is a points-based set of criteria. Profiles are then entered into a draw pool and ranked against each other. The highest-scoring profiles are then issued with Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residency in Canada.

Temporary Residence in Canada:

If a lawyer, law student wants to visit, work or study in Canada. Then they will need a temporary visa like a work visa, study visa, or visit visa. Temporary residence status refers to people who wish to come to Canada to visit, work, or study. People come to Canada for a temporary period of time.

There are the three types of Temporary Resident programs available for a candidate:

  • Work permits- If a person intends to have a job in  Canada and if he/she resides in a different country then he/she needs to have a work permit.
  • Visitor Visa or TemporaryResident Visa (TRV)- Visitors wishing to come to Canada for a temporary purpose of enjoying exploring things. Like a vacation, educational visits, or visit to family and friends.
  • Study permits:  If a person intends to study in Canada and if he resides in a different country then he/she needs to have a study permit.
Perks of Practicing Law in Canada:

There are many perks of practicing law in Canada.

  • The average salary is around $1,37,500. per year according to their abilities.
  • Lawyers are labeled under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill level. A (skilled workers) and have many immigration pathways open to them in Canada. 
  • Canada is also known for its diversity and high quality of living. Every province and territory in Canada benefit from free basic education and public health care.
Benefits for lawyers:
  • Medical and Life Insurance.
  • Time off.
  • Student loans and continuing education.
  • Additional Benefits like Relocation expense reimbursement for entry-level and lateral associates
  • Family and Health.
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