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There have been many debates about the Education System of India. The education system is improper in India and needs to be improved. Though the Constitution guarantees the Right to Education to every citizen between the ages six to fourteen, but still most children lack education. Poverty has been ravishing India for decades and its impact falls on a child’s education. Most families in rural areas with two or more children cannot afford to educate all of them. Even though a few Government schools are present in rural areas most parents do not send their children owing to the huge distance between their homes and the schools.


Poor performance and lack of quality education-

The performance of the students studying in government schools is considerably low compared to the students of same year studying in private schools. This is because private schools focus on students achieving higher grades so that there is more and more influx of students every year and so that they can achieve higher profits. But that is not the case in Government schools, the teachers receive their due salary no matter what their performance is and so no one pays attention to the quality of education.

Deficiency of staff

In most of the Government schools, there are less than required number of teachers, especially in rural areas and mostly they have to handle two or more subjects simultaneously. And sometimes the teachers are not qualified and competent enough to provide quality education to the students.

Poor Infrastructure

One of the main reason for not sending children to Government school is its poor infrastructure. The buildings of most of the schools in rural areas are of poor quality and are likely to collapse anytime. Due to this fear parents shy away from sending their children to school. Also there are not adequate furniture and the washrooms are also in a very dirty state and emit foul smell. And even libraries are not there in some of the schools for children to enhance their knowledge. The Government must first pay attention to all these.


Another main problem with our education system is that there are not much proper colleges. That doesn’t mean that there are less number of colleges, there are many colleges but not every type of course is available in them. Some students may want to study Interior Designing and are very passionate in that field but, there might be no colleges with that course near to his place. He might have to go to other states to pursue that course. In this case, there comes a choice, whether to stay with family by taking up other courses or stay away from family for the sake of the course he is interested in. Some may choose to select their passionate course for their career but some had to take other courses in which they don’t have any interest, so that they can stay with family. This might cause problem in future, with their career building. The education system has to change and there should be almost all courses available in a state or district. Students have to choose their career and the system has to allow them to choose their interested course.

Reasons behind lack of education

1.Classification based on grades

Once after any students passes SSLC or PUC with required grades, our system force them to pursue a specific field. For example- if a student passes SSLC with low percentage, he is forced to take up Arts or Commerce even though he is interested in Science, he’s unable choose it. Even some parents force their children to pursue a specific course of their choice against the child’s wishes.

2.Lack of interest

There is a lack of practical learning in our education system. Students have to listen to theory classes every time and there are only a few practical classes. Also the teaching method is monotonous and the students lose interest in the subjects and remain filled with doubts. An interesting mode of teaching will help the children to a great extent. They can easily understand the topic and their applications as well.

3.Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology is extremely monotonous, our syllabus is outdated and faculties are instructed to teach in that manner only. We are still teaching with chalk and blackboard and not using E-learning mode. E-learning mode is a creative teaching and learning process. It can be very effective with well qualified teachers.

4.Functional literacy and Market Knowledge-

 Our world is developing everyday with new invention and technologies, but our syllabus remains the same. Year after year, there is only a slight change in our syllabus. This is the cause that children are not learning much in school. On top of that, students have zero functional literacy and market knowledge. They know the definition of almost everything but they don’t know their applications in the real world. Students lack Market Knowledge which is of crucial importance in our developing society. The Syllabus should be changed and the market knowledge should be taught from 2nd standard itself.


1.Evaluation system

In our education system, a student’s future is decided on the basis of marks they obtain and this system has to change. A paper with answer written in three hours can’t decide a person’s future, instead it should be evaluated based on the students participation in class and how they interact.

2.Treating every subject with equal importance-

Nowadays parents pressurize their children to take up Science streams. But there is equal importance to all subjects. This system is pushing students to become machines which only choose for high profile subjects and leaving behind low profile subjects like Communications, Arts, Language etc. Our society cannot progress with lack of even a single subject.

3.Well trained teachers

Students are the future of our country and teachers are the one who shape the future. For that teachers should be well trained before teaching students. If a single teacher lacks training experience then he or she could ruin the future of all the students in the class. So teachers should be skilled and creative.

4.Knowledge about technology

Technology plays major role in our society. Therefore students should be taught about the technology right from the beginning. It should not be taught while Higher Education. Our system should embrace the technology and propagate it to students, since their future lies there.


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