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Lakes and Waterfalls of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its picturesque palaces, colourful clothes, sand dunes, bangles, pottery etc. The lack of water in the state is a well known fact. Hence, it is intriguing to find the waterfalls and lakes in this state. Some of the lakes are man-made and the credit relishes to the mighty kings of past. Moreover, these lakes bolstered the water needs of the people. However, today many of them are redundant.

Some lakes hold historical and religious importance. For instance, the Bhimtal lake shares its ancestry from Mahabharata period.

A trip to Rajasthan will make your senses go in awe. Here are some strikingly serene and majestic lakes and waterfalls:


The state is famous for the Thar dessert. Yet the breath-taking waterfalls of the state makes it one of the most lovable get-aways of the tourist. Here is a concise list of some jaw-dropping waterfalls.

Menal Falls

A trip to Chittorgarh is incomplete without Menal Falls. The Menal river feds the waterfall. The gigantic waterfalls spell explicit austere beauty. The sound of the gushing water fill the heart with joy. Also, the falls amidst all the greenery bolsters a gamut of avian and animal species. Visit the falls in monsoon to dip in the calmness of Menal Falls.

Padajhar Mahadev Waterfalls

Padajhar mahadev waterfalls is situated in Rawatbhata. It is a perfect tourist spot to quench one’s thirst for adventure. Also, it is one of the most prominent waterfalls of the state. The state does’nt offer too many but all of them are austere and rejuvenating. The waterfalls are located in Bundi. After dipping in the holy waters offer prayers in Rameshwar Mahadev Cave Temple.

Dhrudhiya Waterfalls

Dhrudhiya Waterfalls is another breathtaking waterfalls in the state. Also, the falls swell with water during monsoon. The waterfall is in the proximity of Mount Abu, one of the most relished hill stations of the country. As it is located amidst forest and hills, the place clubs the trekking experience. After a tiring yet fruitful walk, the picturesque of the waterfalls is rejuvenating and calming. Enjoy the day in nature’s lap as you explore the jaw-dropping beauty of the falls.

Bhimlat falls

Mythologically the credit of its origin goes to pandav-Bhim. Bhim created the waterfall to quench the thirst of his brothers during vanvas. But historically, both bhimlat and menal falls were formed by earthquake in 8th Century.

Bhimlat falls is situated in Bundi. The water falls from a height of 60m into a sea-green lake thus formed. Hence, offering a scenic view amidst the greens.

Alewa Waterfalls

The falls sits in the lap of nature in Alwar. It is one of the lesser known waterfalls of Rajasthan. Since it is not known by many, there is less crowd. And hence the water is clean for bathing. Next time you are planning a trip to the dessert state add this Alwar’s fall in your list.


YES LAKES! The land of dessert has more to offer than just sand dunes. The presence of water imparts a contrasting yet thrilling view. You will be stupefied witnessing the serene lakes of the state. Here is a glimpse of some stupefying lakes:

Dhebar Lakes

It is an artificial lake and is located in Udaipur.  The Dhebar dam enclosing the lake constitutes of marble.

Maharana Jai Singh built the lake in 1685 with waters of  waters of the Gomti River. The king named the lake on his name. Literal translation being -‘Ocean of Victory’. There exist three islands on the Lake. The islands inhabit the Bhil Minas tribe. The two of them are bigger, while one is smaller. The bigger 2 are called ‘Baba ka Magra’. While the smaller island is ‘Piari’.

Steps in the Dhebar Lake lead to the water. Also, the lake has a cenotaph on its bank on which a Shiv temple resides. The lake is sandwiched between palaces on either sides of its bank.

The lake is visible from Jaisamand sanctuary and palaces of the past queens of Maharana Jai Singh.

Lake Pichola

The lake is located in Udaipur. It is one of the most celebrated lakes of the state. It is also an artificial lake. The lake got its name after the Picholi village in the proximity. The lake was build to quench the thirst of the locals and for irrigation purposes.

Jag Mandir and Jag Niwas are two prominent islands present in the waters of the lake. Both the islands have palaces built on them. These palaces offer scenic view of the lake.

Another island inhabits Mohan Mandir. From this mandir the King observed festivities of Gangaur festival.

Ana Sagar Lakes

Ana Sagar Lake too is an artificial lake. The grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan, Arnoraja built the Lake. And hence the name Ana Sagar. Circuit house is one of the cardinal attraction here. It is the biggest lake of Ajmer.

A small island is present at the center of the lake. One can access it via boat. The shores are adorn with gardens. Chowpatty and Jetty walkway offer a mind-boggling view of the lake. For nature-lovers and photographers the lake offers one of the best points to capture the sunset.

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