Life : Journey From Birth To Death


Today, we will discuss life, how we birth and how death came. First, it is a bitter truth that no one is immortal. Those who came in this world once will have to die.Life is so beautiful, all we have to enjoy it because it is our golden chance as if we took birth as human being. We all have to enjoy every moment of one knows when death arrives because death comes without calling.
discuss So let’s get looked upon how our journey starts from birth to death.
First, there are 6 stages of life we all have to go through and they are:- Infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood and old age. We will discuss every stage of life one by one.

1. Infancy:- It is the first stage of life. The stage when we came in this world. It is the most beautiful time period of all other stages. It is basically for the age group of 1 year. In this time period an infant totally depends on others, the stage from where we all became aware about trust and mistrust. An infant child totally does trust with everyone. It is the purest stage of life because in this age a child or an infant totally depends on others, he totally blinds trust on others. In the first stage a baby needs love, care and the feeling of happiness everywhere. It is the most sensitive stage. A newborn baby who even did not recognize their surroundings gets better attachment with their parents because they are the one who gave birth to that brief life. As the baby grows, it comes to another stage of life.
2. Second stage:- The second stage of life. The stage of age group of 1-3 years of baby. In this stage a child has started their development. They learned things, their motor abilities like crawling, standing etc i.e.their muscles becoming strong. They started learning. In this time gap a baby got its first tooth, which is also called milk teeth. This stage is becoming more excited because children became so active, so it is more likely to see their new activities.
3. Third stage:- The stage of 3-5 years of baby. In this stage this is the schooling time period. Parents thought to send their baby in kinder garden schools to make them familiar from the surroundings and it is the stage where a child brain is becoming more active and a child starts to imagine, to think, to ask questions, etc.
4. Fourth stage:- The time from 6-12yrs. The time when a child first entered school and started his school life. The time when a child gets freedom to explore the new learn new things.
5. Adolescence:- It is the time when a child gets matured and it is more sensitive time period for every child. The changes in hormones started in this time period that;why it is considered being the most sensitive time gap for a child. The hormonal changes during this period bring changes in voice, heights, and also in reproductive parts. In this period a parent should be more concern for their child because these changes are new for them. Parents have to tell about menstrual cycle to girls. A girl should aware of this so she would not have to face any problem regarding this.
6. Young adulthood:- The time when a child finished his schooling and entered the new world of college, during this time period his college life has begun. Now a child become so responsible as they have their own right to vote and show them as a responsible citizen. In this period a child faces so many problems, like he/she is in love with someone, they choose their life partner. This is basically the stage when he or she came to know about what’s going on in the other’s mind, or the stage when a child gets to know the difference between a good and bad person.
7. Old age:- It is the last stage of life. The stage when a person become aged, and it is second infant stage. We can do similarities between first stage and last stage of life in such a way that when a newborn baby born, they have no teeth, they can not eat solid foods, they can not chew, and they also depend on others for their works same in last stage an aged person have no teeth, he become so childish as he wants to enjoy every remaining moment of their life with no tension like an infant does. An old person also depends on others as they are trapped in the chain of ageing.When an infant born they also cannot walk like an old person in his last stage.

So there are so many similarities in a person’s life from when they are born and till they died. As death comes without calling we all have to enjoy every stage of life because we are so lucky to be born as Homo sapiens.
So this is the journey of all of us from birth to death. We all have to accept this fact that no one is immortal, and we don’t need to be afraid of death.
“Live life happily”