An obscure horror movie is that you’ve probably never heard of and stays highly underrated.

Obscure Horror Movie

Imagine yourself in your room, sleeping. Electricity goes out, turning the A.C. off, and you are no more asleep now. All of a sudden, your alarm starts ringing. It’s 3 a.m. Who switched the alarm on?! 

Anyway, you switch it off. But then your phone rings, the screen shows no number!

A message arrives “I SEE YOU”

You are looking at the message only when the doorbell:


It’s 3 a.m.! What’s there in your eyes? It’s fear! 

Every film genre comes with a formula. It has familiar beats that the filmmaker can either adhere to or may decimate from. But the FEAR remains the central idea of any horror movie.

Do you think you have seen all the best Horror movies? Or you believe The Conjuring series or Anabelle is the most horrible film? A big NO!

Obscure Horror Movies  annabelle and conjuring

There are horror films that are worth watching but could not catch the attention of the audience. So, I’m here with an exhaustive list and every film that I mention is an obscure horror movie that will give you sleepless nights!

 annabelle doll

1. The Banshee Chapter (2013)

In the 1950s, the CIA operated a secret program, MK-Ultra. They did heinous psychological tests on Americans all over the country. They tried to figure out the sources of chemicals used in interrogation and their further application to torture US enemies and possibly even control minds. So, they put test subjects through extreme physical and mental torture. Many subjects didn’t know what they were signing to, and some even faced permanent memory damage from both the drugs and the intense electric shock treatments they went through.

The Banshee Chapter: Most underrated movie

In the Banshee Chapter, a young reporter looks into her friend James’ disappearance. He was making a documentary about MK-Ultra and took a serum. So basically, our intrepid reporter is looking for an idiot. The film opens up with actual footage of President Clinton and the people of the north talking about MK-Ultra. Yeah, this thing was real!

Then it goes to James Documentary. We see him take the serum! The footage becomes choppy, and we believed James is screwed. Now our main character enters. Her investigation into his disappearance becomes acutely distressing. Something has happened to her friend. The clues lead her to Thomas Blackburn. He’s a counter-culture icon and wild author. She gets invited to one of his parties, where the serum is in supply. So how far will she go to save her friend and find the truth that she should not!


I was shocked by the number of jumps that I got out of this movie! There is a couple of scenes-WHOA- got me so good that I had to go back and watch the scene again-OHH- to get caught again. A lot of that comes from the energy of our two actors, our two main actors indeed.

The Banshee Chapter is an excellent shocking obscure horror movie that uses a piece of the Dark Side of American history to fuel the film. So, if you are a sci-fi movie fan and love terrifying scenes, I recommend you go for it!


Rotten Tomatoes gives it 6.5 and IMDb 5.5 on a score of 10. In contrast, 79% of viewers liked it! This shows how underrated the movie is!

2. Creep (2004)

The low-budget, horror flick “CREEP” did not get that well in theatres.   

Creep is a British German thriller horror film, released in 2004. Written and directed by Christopher Smith. Not to be confused with a completely different film by the same name, Creep (2014).

It’s a movie about tunnels, subways, chase deadly creatures, and insanity!

Creep: An underrated obscure  horror movie

It starts with the central female character, Kate, who falls asleep while waiting for the last ‘underground’ train. She wakes up only to find herself seemingly alone. Realizing that she is locked in, she starts looking around. A train stops at the platform. Kate boards looking for the conductor and instead finds her co-worker. He has followed her here. He attempts to assault her sexually, attacked and dragged by someone. Kate flees! And here begins her night of terror beneath the city streets.

 Usually, in horror films, the moment we meet the monster is the scariest. But Creep is quite nasty. An underground creature preys on society’s lost and lonely, homeless people, sewer workers, and anyone unfortunate enough to stray across ‘rat-infested path.

Creep is a cruel and nasty obscure horror movie in places. But, bloody and gross as many scenes may be, the sickest and unwatchable of all (and you’ll know which one I mean once you have seen the film), barely shows a single drop of blood!


Despite 86% of viewers liking this movie, IMDb rates it 5.6/10!

3. Terrifier (2016)

I won’t say I am afraid of clowns. Terrifier is a movie about clowns and artists. But TERRIFIER IS TERRIFIC!

We open with a TV interview of a disfigured woman, the survivor of a massacre that took place last Halloween. Then fast-forwarding to the main lead actress with her friend, both of whom are coming home from a Halloween party. One of them antagonizes art, which is their massive mistake. They go to have their late-night dinner after the party, all alone in the restaurant. Art comes in there, following the two! I got chills looking at this scene! But this is where it begins!

Terrifier : obscure horror movie

Many people don’t watch clown horror movies. I, too, used to think what horror can a clown movie bring, as they are supposed to make people laugh, take attention- oops! They may bring holy terror!

Cut to the chase; there is a kill scene in this movie that gives you shock (those who have seen it know what scene I’m talking about). This is a kill that you cannot remove from your skull, probably for the rest of your life! Not revealing the movie, Terrific is a great movie and really ‘terrific’.


Rotten Tomatoes rates Terrifier 4 on a score of 5 with 15 votes only! And IMDb gives it 5.6/10.

4. The Descent (2005)

Tragedy in Horror.

The Descent is one of the most underrated movies of all time. Though there is no genre of the film, yet the central idea is fear. It’s a pretty scary but straightforward film. It gets right to the point to throw you into a spelunking expedition. A group of long-time friends gets lost within the deep, dark, undiscovered cave. The only opening that they were aware of has been shut due to collapse! With no other alternative, they start exploring the cave. As a result, there is a slow decay of humanity, modesty, and teamwork.

The Descent

I cannot discuss this obscure horror movie without being a little bit spoilery. So, if you desire to see the film (that I strongly recommend you to), it might be best that you stop reading. But if you don’t care about such things, go right ahead!

Scream your last breath!

So, the film opens up by introducing us to a sort of club of six women dedicated to the pursuit of extreme adventure sports. For their first new adventure, the most lawless of the six, Juno tricks them into entering an unexplored cave. 

In the cave, they come across strange underground creatures. These are a blend of man and bats who neither can see nor hear! They use signals for navigation. With this setup and the sounds and effects, the movie has a lot of blood kills! If you are a fan of blood kills and do not get choked by watching suffocating scenes, I must recommend you The Descent, which is still on the list of obscure horror movies.


IMDb gives it 7.2 on a score of 10 and Rotten Tomatoes 3.5/5. 88% of the viewers liked this movie. 

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