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Made in India

When we go to market to buy some product of daily use, we found a product that is manufactured in other developed country the product looks classy and we got impressed and then I got another brand of same product that is manufactured in our country that product looks promising. Now we get confused between patriotism and high-class. With year passes I went to market I found same product which looks classy and now it is also Manufactured in our country, this is ‘Made in India’. In ‘Made in India’ the manufacturer company and buyer both get hugely benefited. New opportunities are open in our country.

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The Make in India campaign was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 25, 2014. It is an initiative to call on the top business investors around the world to invest in India. This is a great opportunity for all investors anywhere in the country to establish their business in any sector. This attractive scheme includes resource proposals for foreign companies to set up manufacturing units in India. The Make in India campaign launched by the Government of India focuses on building efficient physical infrastructure. It is also aimed at improving the digital network market in the country and creating a global hub for business.

Unique symbol – its importance

The symbol for this initiative is a large lion with many wheels. It gives signals for peaceful progress and a vibrant future for the nation. A large walking lion with many wheels symbolizes courage, strength, integrity and wisdom.

Why special campaign?

This national program is designed to make the country a world trade hub. Because it has attractive offers from local and foreign companies. This campaign focuses on creating many valuable and respectable jobs. It is raising expertise in almost every field to improve the condition of the youth in the country.

Benefits in Make in India

The successful implementation of this scheme will definitely fulfill the following main objectives:

For strong growth and valuable employment creation in the country.

With the help of top investors the country is completely self-sufficient in the manufacturing sector.

It benefits both parties, namely the investors and our country.

Make in India helps companies to increase their brand value in the global market.

It will definitely contribute to the growth of Indian GDP as well as increase the value of Indian currency.

Our own investors remain domestic, they plan to expand their business outside India due to lack of resources and clarity on policy issues.

Companies from all over the world are investing heavily in the Make in India project.

Make in India Policy Structure

The Government of India is making a big effort to reduce any burden on investors. For this reason, a dedicated web portal is available to address all questions from business organizations. The www.makeinindia.com portal is now receiving an amazing response. The government has set up a dedicated back-end support team to respond within 72 hours.

The government has identified 25 major sectors such as aviation, chemicals, IT, automobiles, textiles, ports, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, tourism, welfare, railways to work with investors and to be recognized as world leaders.

Manufacturing loss in India

Let us now consider some of the potential pitfalls of Make in India. The government should implement some corrective measures on these issues.

Agricultural neglect

Depletion of natural resources

Damage to small entrepreneurs

Termination of land

Manufacturing based economy

Interest in international brands


Bad relations with China


This policy is urgently needed to liberate India from unemployment by bringing growth and development. We can greatly reduce poverty in India by solving the problem of youth unemployment. After the success of this campaign the country’s economy will reach new heights. It can solve various social problems in the country.

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