Media’s Transparency


Media is a medium to pass information from a sender to the viewers. It is a sign of citizen power. It was and it is a platform where the revolution begins. It is a platform full of unbiased and true information. Role of media is to spreads awareness, reality and truth among the people. Different forms of media have different roles to play, some spread awareness, some connect people with each other, and some give the platform to peoples to express their views. Media has always played a major role and it will continue playing a major role in the enhancement of society.

Media has been at the main lead for transforming the world from paper communication to the present digital communication. In the colonial period, educated people made good use of media in evoking and making people aware of their rights, their right to freedom, right to speech, the right to live. Media was used to publish books and articles with the aim of telling the people, the value of freedom. Leaders also used radio for giving speeches which used to boil the blood of every citizen and made them unitedly stand with each other, with common feeling and want of freedom. After getting the freedom, the main aim now shifted for educating the peoples and making a civilized country progressing towards development. Here also media played a major role in convincing the peoples to start sending their children to schools. The position of media among the peoples have increased with each passing year.

Media is in the form of news channels, newspapers and other online social media platforms. Media has another very important part rising between the people, the filmy world. The main job of all the media is to connect the person with the ongoing things in his environment. Media communicates between the citizens and the leader of the country, it provides the citizens with the information about the working and decisions taken by the leader for the country, it gives the feedbacks of citizens on the decisions taken, and it also tells the citizen about pros and cons of the decision with the help of supportive unbiased details and information which they gather after doing investigation and research by keeping in mind the present and future scenarios related to the topic. Media not only have a role between a leader and the citizens but it also plays a role in connecting people worldwide on the social media platforms, it has also given a platform to the aspirants to showcase their talents to the whole world.

Nowadays, the media is not fully transparent, it bends on the side where the media handlers gain profit and where the media channel gains more TRP rating. Media has the responsibility of showing and giving information to the people about the whole world, whether it is good or bad news but today media channels mostly cover the news which has violent, terrific and distressing matters, they do this because they use the psychology of human which always gets more attracted towards the distressing news than the news with the positive matter. People are habitual of reading the newspaper or digital news headlines in the morning, which mostly contains news with disheartening and threatening topics, which results with more frustration and stress in one’s mind. The content of movies are not so good in quality, they don’t take the responsibility of their position to influence people in a good direction, they only look for the number of people watching their movies which results in making the movies with the content which has a bad influence of youths mind. In today’s world, media is playing with human psychology to earn a profit, forgetting about the responsibility which comes to their position in society.

Media is the most trusted and watched institute. So, it is the responsibility of the media handler to circulate correct information without being influenced by any specific person or organization. Media should focus on positive news too as much they pay attention to the distressing news. People get influenced by seeing something on the media platforms, therefore, it is a great responsibility to show the matters on the screen which motivate and give a positive vibe to the viewers. 

“Media has the power to Influence people so it is a Big Responsibility for the Media Handler to use this power Wisely, not for their Profit but for Social Development.”


  1. really very deep observation and positive view, but now a days its look very diffucult, for healthy revolution first of all either people should be aware of or media should persue with this responsbility . Both parties are busy in earning money by any means. This can come from home only .parents should take responsbility insaan ki pahli pathsala (home ) especially mothers can only change the social climate . “Abhimanyu aaj bhi paida ho sakte hai bus matao me subhadhra sa dhairya chahiye”