The Spanish series La Casa De Papel, as well as known as Money Heist, has gathered an immense fan following base; due to their amazing portrayal of a mystery and adventure-filled heist, which is extremely captivating. The Netflix series that comprises all areas of a perfect drama, including different subplots of romance, thriller, action, drama, crime, etc. has a huge IMDb rating of 8.4. the show has obtained over 4.8 stars by more than 18K ratings by the viewing audience. Some people also ask whether the money heist is a true story, but it is not based on a real story; it just started as an association between Alex Pina and Jesus Colmenar.

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date & Cast:

After a lot of predictions, Money Heist will renew with its season 5 in August 2020. Netflix officially approved that Money Heist will be coming in August 2020.

Coming to its cast in season four, crucial gang member Nairobi died, but this is not to say that Alba Flores won’t be part of the next season.

In the same way that Berlin, Moscow, and Oslo still showed up after they had all apparently exited the show, there could be more on the horizon for Nairobi.

But in terms of who should ideally is being billed for the upcoming season, there’s Álvaro Morte as the Professor, the head holding the operations simultaneously.

Gang-wise, we can see

  • Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo,
  • Itziar Ituño as Lisbon,
  • Miguel Herrán as Rio,
  • Jaime Lorente as Denver,
  • Esther Acebo as Stockholm
  • Darko Peric as Helsinki, and
  • Enrique Arce as Arturo Román.

Awards Won by Money Heist:

The crime series has secured the Best Drama at the International Emmy Awards, Premios Fénix, and Premios Iris.


The character of Professor was able to capture as many around the world. Professor look with thick edged glasses and lengthy hair became his signature, and many started adapting the look. Since the series achieved international fame, social media forums were full of people posting themselves crushing to the tunes of Bella Ciao. From Hollywood to Bollywood, the actors started uploading several videos assuming themselves like Professor and singing the songs of Bella Ciao.

The show, created by Alex Pina, pursues the story of a mastermind who goes by the name The Professor, the genius behind the heists. He is being partnered with other thieves, who are liable to complete the heist. The series magnificently highlight the situation of each character that led to choosing the world of crime. A more compassionate side of the thieves has displayed in the series.

Netflix Money Heist:

Netflix published the show in 2017, but it was only until early 2020 that the show’s rating flourished, and the show peaked the charts. This widespread season put the normal life to an end and then started a major rise in the amusement and streaming industry.

Netflix contains four parts of La Casa De Papel on their streaming site, and fans are eagerly waiting for the latest parts to come. As the next season for Money Heist has approved by creator Alex Pina good news is being awaited by the fans. He also stated that the next season has started with its works. He was supposedly scripted the next season, so it can be presumed that it won’t be long before the next season gets dropped.

Magazines and reports have also been come out that due to the Coronavirus burst there has been a delay in the release of Money Heist Season 5. More quickly, the wait of the fans is being awaited to end, and they will be able to watch the new series of Money Heist.

The series pursues a group of robbers assigned with stealing buildings by occupying them on account of a nameless boss, the Professor. Money Heist has tired similarity with Ocean’s Eleven and Baby Driver but has formed a fanbase completely of its own.

Season four just come to an end, and NME has given them four stars, but there’s already plenty to get fans mulling over what could come next in the fifth season.

How many seasons of Money Heist will there be?

It has now affirmed that the fifth season of Money Heist will be the final. A tweet from the official Netflix account has said that the heist will come to an end in part 5 on July 31.

Formerly, script coordinator Javier Gómez Santander stated to El Mundo they hadn’t determined how long the show could last.

With La Casa De Papel, they move game by game, like Simeone. Episode by Episode, order by order, line by line. They do not ever consider how long the show might continue. If they got to know the range of the event, they would not have thought to kill Berlin.

Money Heist Season 5 plot: what’s going to happen in the new episodes?

Official plot information is yet to continue to be affirmed. But if season five pursues events to date, the gang will be starting on a new string of robberies planed by the Professor.

In terms of where season four terminates, Lisbon is still in the bank while the professor is being inquired by inspector Alicia Sierra basically trapping Lisbon and the others.

Beyond the forward-thinking linear narration, Pina recommended there could be other hive-off stories on the horizon.

In a meeting with Oprah Magazine, Pina said that they do have much feasibility for some spinoffs. Yes, and she also thinks that’s thanks to the firm and vigorous identities of the characters. She also stated that they have always looked for figures to have a very complicated, layered pattern and that nearly every figure of Money Heist. It has a duality that we would want to see in a spinoff.

Pina pursued the options for a specific feature. She also thinks Arturito could have a black comedy. Berlin’s case for his own show is quite clear; he’s a misogynist, a narcissist, a psychopath, egotistic, a criminal, and a rapist. But still, there are lots of people who admire him; because he values friendship, faithfulness, or fraternity.


With four seasons down, followers of Money Heist bid cheerio to two precious characters. With the screen caGanill to La Casa de Papel Season 2, fans watched Berlin offered up himself to safeguard his gang. He took bullets on his chest to help them run away from the Royal Mint of Spain. As the fourth season spread out, fans paid a weepy farewell to Nairobi. Fans began to chant for Nairobi as they saw her funeral. However, it looks as if the heist at the Bank of Spain wouldn’t witness just one death.

Several fans on Reddit eyewitness that Helsinki could meet his end in the new season. Fans have indicated that creator Alex Pina has left back a few breadcrumbs in season 4, indicating the character’s death. Given his sensitive yet firm character, fans point that Helsinki could track Berlin’s steps and give up himself to protect his gang. A Reddit user also implies that Palermo might die in the latest series.





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