I’m furious at this world and it’s not new. I feel this each morning, even before I open my eyes. You might think ‘ Wow! That’s a lot of negativity’. In my defense, I tried being this positive person who loves dogs and is nice to kids. I also know that I’m the kind of person all the crazy self-help books ask you to stay away from. Fun fact this article is not about anything, it’s more about how we as humans are really bad at everything we do. Since I already got your attention, I would like to tell you that the fact you are still reading shows how alike we are. Now don’t feel bad about yourself, you had reasons. You are who you are because of certain grounds, so no judgments passed. Also, you shouldn’t care about my or anyones judgments.

Life has been kind to us but as a pessimist person, you obviously noticed that empty part of the glass. Being pessimistic is not a bad thing because I believe it prepares you for the worst. Also, I believe that we as pessimists love double trouble. One in our head, when it’s not even there, and the other when it’s in front of us. That’s our love for trouble, we invite it. In our heads we are soldiers, things don’t scare us unless it’s a good thing. You see our other belief is that the devil follows the angle. We follow the concept of our parents ‘You cannot have two good things.’ So like that concept, we always wonder why we are happy? Is something worse about to happen? We believe in good things but clearly, in our heads, it’s not made for us. But it’s really important to believe.


Universe has its own plan, it always will. We grew up believing in God because obviously someone has to take credit for our good life. At some point, we stopped believing in the power above us. Can you even blame us, we couldn’t even believe in ourselves. How can you expect us to believe in the person who we don’t even know exists? We do need to have faith in something bigger because simply we cannot take everything on us. Sometimes things are not in our hand, even if we try. Especially when it comes to physical well being, you just cannot control. You can try to be fit, but have you ever noticed that cautious people get sick way quicker than the one who isn’t. It’s like life is playing a game with them, and not a good one.

Did you predict a pandemic? Did you predict that you will be tossed out of the job you gave 12 years of life to? No. Life is too difficult to predict, and I wish it was like MCQ which we answered with probability. Even if we plan everything precisely, it won’t work according to our plan, a pandemic might fall boom. Our brain differentiates us, our personality type is different. As per the study, our personality remains constant. The personality traits you had as a 7-year happy kid, are still there in existence. It’s just that with time we started to pile things up and the happy kid in us was lost. With all the psychology or how to get rich books, we did learn that time is important. What it didn’t teach us is how to get rich, trust me I would be rich if they taught us that. 


Wake up early, delete social media, eat well and if it works then why are you even reading this?Even if you wake up early and do nothing, it’s not gonna work. If you are looking for peace in life then do delete social media, it has nothing to do with being rich. Now, we come to living a healthy lifestyle, for that the only suggestion is dying early is better than regretting. Do you really wanna regret that I should have eaten that at the deathbed? It’s up to you. What you can decide is what’s your definition of rich. For some, a meal two times a day is rich for other mobile digit account balance is rich. So what’s your definition? Write it down. Do you think it’s possible? If it is then do it. If it’s not then I’m no magician.

There is no theory of how to get rich. If you want it,  go get it period. All of us have the same number of opportunities, it depends upon you. Either you can make an excuse or grab it. One might argue that they aren’t fortunate enough, but all of us have a different set of problems. Life can be elementary or it can be tough, it depends on how you see it. You can ease your problems with books, so read. Reading is important not because Warren Buffet said it but because it’s your world. This world is not pretty, use pen and paper to write your world. Books are your way out, you can create your own life the way you want it. Your background does not define you, what you choose to become defines you.


As I already mentioned that the world is a scary place. On days you put your best face and try to cope up with it. But did you know there is an escape? It’s an easy one. Pick a soft novel, start fantasizing, and at the end of the day you are happy.  Reading will throw a light on the world you didn’t know existed, it will take you to beautiful places. On days you will come across these people and you can connect with them, only because of the book you read. It’s so powerful to be the miserable know-it-all. It kind of gives you an edge over others, it makes you creative. Imagine the power of knowledge, not the definitions your education system taught you to memorize, for two marks. 

Our education system is flawed, we all know that. Trust me on this, you cannot do anything unless you are famous or either rich. When one reaches that stage they are already occupied with their own problems that they ignore whatever you are going through. For them, if they could cross the road so can you. I don’t know how to get rich, or how to be an optimistic person but I do know that’s somewhere someone knows and my books will create a platform for me to reach that destination.

The destination might not have an impact but the journey will, on the journey you will meet amazing people with amazing views who know the world. You might find a new friend. At each stage you will find new friends, most won’t last. We all say we don’t need people but, we do. At the end of night the money won’t matter, but the people will. So let’s go out and meet people and become better people than we were a day before. When you close your eyes you should count the people you have, money might give short term happiness but it’s not long term. We need to create our own happiness, and a bubble of joy. At the end it’s just broken dreams and good night.

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